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Whether your employees are on the move or at one location, we offer four effective solutions to suit your business needs. Employees can clock their hours in real time, which can be viewed by your business administration instantly.

Fast Payroll Software

Rocket Payroll Software

No more collaborating timesheets and manual entry of data. Timesheet data is analyzed by the Microkeeper system and automatically converted into payslips, taking into account breaks, overtime, allowances, superannuation, annual leave, personal leave and much more.

A word from our customers

Person 0
Our company has used Microkeeper as our payroll system for the last 3 years and cannot ... MORE
Employee, Des Munday & Son
Person 1
Microkeeper has been very effective for Lilydale Instant Lawn. Its ability to clock staff hours, log annual/sick leave and... MORE
Manager, Lilydale Instant Lawn
Person 2
Microkeeper has streamlined our payroll process. We couldn't be happier with the clocking system and ... MORE
Payroll, Newtown Veterinary Clinic
Person 3
We have been using Microkeeper for nearly 12 months and find it to be extremely easy to use for both ... MORE
Owner, BIG4 Beacon Resort

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