This guide will run through all the functionality of the timesheet page.


Menu > Payroll > Timesheet


Some typical timesheet data

Timesheet view

The above example illustrates some typical timesheet data.

We can see Alice Tomson has worked 3 shift.

The Dates of the shift and the Clock on and Clock off time are displayed.

We also see here that the Clock off time has been modified

If we mouse over, we can see who made this modification and what the original entry was

The Howi column illustrate how the shift was created.

Fingerprint iconThe employee has used their finger print to clock their hours
iEmployee clocked hours using the employee console
GPS iconGPS used to clock hours, click to view location
iThis entry was created from the roster
iManually entered, mouse over to see who created this entry
iEmployee has manually entered their own timesheet entry

There is no need to memorise this table as you can mouse over any of the icons for a description.

How is timesheet data generated?

The data in the timesheet can be created many different ways.

The clock on/off guide describes how the employee can clock their worked hours.

You can also manually create an entry or generate the timesheet data from roster.

Manual entry

Manual entry form


Manually Add Shift

An entry can be manually created using the above form, most of these fields are self explanatory.

The Job title and Description are used to track jobs and for calculating hours for invoicing, they are not required.

Searching the timesheet

Filter form

Search Timesheet

The filter can be quickly used to find an entry.

By default the current fiscal year and working week will be selected.

A group can be selected to show only the employees who are a part of that group, when a group is selected this will also affect the employee filter list.

An individual employee can also be selected.

The form will be automatically submitted when a changed is detected.

Adjusting the timesheet

Adjustments will need to be made to the timesheet.

Click the Edit button and a form will appear in line that will allow you to make changes.

Edit timesheet entry.

Edit a timesheet entry

For this example Alice Tomson started work at 8:30am, however she clocked on at 9:00am.

Make this change to the Clock on time and click Update.

Note: All times are in 24 hour time.

After adjustment

Amendment record of adjusted timesheet

The new time has been saved and new total hours automatically calculated.

We can also see who made this change and what the original entry was by mousing over the orange clock on time.

Shift work

Note: There is a script that runs at midnight that checks for any employees that have not clocked out.

If your employees work past midnight then this script can be turned off.

Menu > Settings > General > Global - Shift work option

An employee can work past midnight.


John Smith Clocks on at 20:00 (8pm)
  Clocks off at 04:00 (4am)

The system will acknowledge this has occurred and calculate a total of 8 hours worked (4 to midnight and 4 past midnight).

All your shift rules will still function.