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Replacement LensKit

Fingerprint Scanner Lens Repair Kit

An easy DIY solution to replace a cloudy or scratched fingerprint scanner lens
$ 35.00

This kit contains:

  • 2 lens replacements

  • 2 cotton balls

  • 1 pair of latex gloves

  • 1 wooden tool

Postage included.


As with all workplace equipment there can be some maintenance required to ensure it keeps running smoothly. And so, over the years we have seen issues that can arise in fingerprint scanners through improper usage, maintenance or tampering. 

These actions can result in either a cloudy or scratched lens (pictured below). Making the scanner unable to properly read a fingerprint.

In order to avoid the expense and wastage of replacing the whole scanner we have developed an easy solution to repair the lens yourself. The Microkeeper Fingerprint Scanner Lens Repair Kit, includes a few simple tools to remove and replace the damaged lens and get your staff clocking back on and off in no time.

How to use:

Please watch our instructional video for a full breakdown of how to use this kit or read through our detailed blog

Please note:

If there is no visible evidence of a damaged lens there could be another issue and it's important to rule this out first. Please read the ‘Troubleshooting your fingerprint scanner’ section in our blog. 

Replacement LensKit

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