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NFC scanner for timesheets

NFC scanner for clocking work hours time and attendance to generate timesheets
$ 374.00

Product Description

Gone are the days of punch-cards or employees creating their own timesheets. By using the latest NFC technology, staff can now clock their attendance on site which enables management to review all staff timesheets from head office.

An NFC tag can be enrolled by placing it in proximity to the NFC reader, then management can assign the specific tag to the employee required.



Cloud Driven

When an employee is enrolled in the system, their encrypted enrolment is stored online, which means even if you have 20 sites, staff can clock on from any of your site locations. The setup process allows your administrative team to complete setup and review data remotely.


Faster is Better

NFC means no more usernames or passwords. One tap of an NFC tag and, within a second, the staff member is clocked on. A high volume of staff starting at the same time can easily be dealt with alleviating bottlenecks. 


Review Timesheet Online

The very moment the employee clocks on, the data is instantly available online. This gives management the ability to check attendance instantly via the Microkeeper website or apps. Timesheet data can be reviewed with a single click, ready for payroll to take the next step.


Multi-Site Business

By storing data in a central location, collaborating timesheet data is completely eliminated. Even if staff work across multiple sites, their hours can be assigned to jobs for cost centres and performance tracking. Managers can log in from anywhere and approve the shifts for the locations they manage.



Microkeeper is proudly owned and operated in Australia. Setup and training is included, which means if you have any issues and need some help we can assist within minutes. All support calls are dealt with by our Australian support team, support staff are industry professionals, which means any problems are fixed quickly.


Industry best fit

When fingerprint time capture is not an option, NFC is the next best thing. NFC readers make it quick and easy for staff to clock on at static workplace locations. The NFC reader can be installed on any windows device. Mechanics, cleaners, agriculturalists, construction trades, just to name a few, find the NFC works well for their requirements.




  • USB NFC Reader
  • Microsoft Windows 10 compatible
  • Microkeeper Timesheet Software
  • Setup by Microkeeper support staff
  • Manager Training


Included in the box

  • Microkeeper NFC Reader
  • User Manual




  • Reliable internet connection, preferably Ethernet
  • Spare USB port
  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Microkeeper Timesheet Software






Size: 98mm x 65mm x 14mm (LxWxH)

Weight: 0.14kg

Colour: White



Fingerprint Capacity: 10,000+

Log Capacity: 100,000,000+


NFC Scanner

Connection USB 2.0
Compliance CCID
Read/write speed 424 kbps
Supported Cards ISO 14443 Type A and B
Built-in anti-collision Yes, 1 tag at a time
Operating distance 50 mm
Operating temperature 0 C - 50 C
Operating frequency 13.56 MHz



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