About Us

Our Mission

To provide the best integrated software solution for Rosters, Timesheets and Payroll.
We aim to streamline business administration, saving time and stress.

Our Story... So Far

After witnessing first-hand the headaches of day-to-day business administration, timesheets and rostering using excel spreadsheets or in some cases on a whiteboard, Microkeeper founders Joel Davis and Jon Arrigo couldn't help but think there had to be a better way.

"We had a look in the market and couldn't find a system that incorporated more than one component (rosters, timesheets or payroll) that was tailored to the Australian workforce," explains Jon, "as these processes are all linked, it made sense to us to have a system that could move through each stage of the wage process."

They decided to take on the challenge of creating their own customized digital solution. In 2010 Microkeeper was born.

"it made sense to us to have
a system that could move through each stage of the wage process."

Initially, it was used by close friends and family's business, however, "following a lot of business to business recommendations, we found our user base grew organically."

Microkeeper has continued to evolve from its origins. Fast forward a couple of years and they have incorporated fingerprint scanners, developed an all-in-one time-clocking console, a mobile app, additional HR features including leave requests as well as a superclearing house.

2010Microkeeper timelineLight bulb momment Microkeeper idea sparks
2011First version developed and released
2012Fingerprint and NFC hardware developed
2013SuperChoice Partnership for clearing house
2014Mobile apps for Android and iPhone
2015First 1,000 users reached
2016Dedicated timesheet windows software
2017Official Xero connected app

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Meet the Directors

Director Joel Davis

Joel Davis

Founder, Software Development

Self-confessed nerd, Joel has a passion for utilising technology to create efficient processes. Whether it's stacking the dishwasher or creating Australia's first comprehensive online payroll solution, Joel looks for the most streamlined way of doing things, and will not stop until he finds it.

As lead Software Engineer at Microkeeper, he spends his days coding, creating a seamless user experience and, of course, pondering ways to save time.

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Director Jon Arrigo

Jon Arrigo

Founder, Business Operations

Jon was born into business. Having grown up amongst a strong community of family-run businesses, it instilled a passion for the 'day-to-day' operations, striving for quality, and meaningful customer relationships.

As head of Business Operations at Microkeeper, Jon liases with our users, developing a custom rollout strategy to suit each business and oversees implementation to ensure its success. Not to mention always being available for a chat.

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Our Values

Microkeeper about us values
We grow with you

Microkeeper is continually evolving. We stay up to date with the latest industry and technology trends, We actively seek feedback from our users and undertake development to continually meet their requirements and enhance functionality.

Customer Commitment

We are here for our users. Offering in-house phone, web chat or email support service. No matter how big or small your issue, we ensure you can always get in touch so we can answer your questions.

100% Australian

Founded in Geelong, Victoria, Microkeeper has been developed to fit the needs of Australian businesses. Our servers, team and customer service are housed in Australia and not outsourced overseas.

Comprehensive Solutions

We have a 'bigger picture' mentality, looking at a problem from start to finish to create a solution to suit.

Paperless Processes

We create solutions that minimize the need to print countless documents. Simplifying record keeping and reducing environmental impact.

Security as Priority

We have a high commitment to the security of data storage, confidentiality of information and value our position as a trusted brand.