Staff scheduling and rostering software

Microkeeper is Australian scheduling and rostering software that lets you create, share and easily manage employee rosters and shifts.

Our streamlined staff scheduling software will make it easy to schedule your employees and manage wage costs. You'll be scheduling staff fast, accurate and wherever you are.

  • Quick rostering with pre-built templates
  • Easily see which employees are available and skilled
  • Manage multiple locations, roles and jobs
  • Synced with payroll for accurate budget forecasting
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Build and communicate rosters and schedules within minutes

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Fast Rostering

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Roster Budget
Costing Tool

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Communicate And Confirm

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Automatic Compliance

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Integration With Payroll

Roster fast with pre-built templates

Creating rosters can be a puzzle that's hard to solve. Templated rosters, tailored to incorporate seasonal changes or rotating shifts will save you time. Simply clone one of your templates, assign available staff and make any necessary tweaks, all from your desktop or mobile phone. Fast and easy.

  • Quickly fill out rosters based on available staff
  • Easy rostering via mobile app or in browser
  • Manage staff across departments or franchises
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Schedule shifts for any size business

There's no limit to the number of shifts you can create in our system. Microkeeper helps you easily allocate employees to created shifts, with the possibility of assigning one employee to multiple shifts or duties at any of your managed locations.

  • Cost effective roster system for large enterprises
  • Easily roster staff across different departments or multiple locations
  • Perfect roster maker for hospitality, healthcare, retail and manufacturing
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Optimise staffing and budgets

Set weekly staffing cost goals and preferred amounts of rostered hours and watch the numbers update in real-time as you plan your roster, taking into consideration award rules, overtime, breaks...you name it.

A total dollar amount for the shift, day and week are calculated on the fly, helping managers stay on budget and avoiding overstaffing.

  • Use your staff roster app as a budgeting tool
  • Easily build cost effective rosters based on goals
Accountants using Microkeeper as employee budgeting tool

Create staff rosters online

Our Australian employee scheduling software will make creating and managing rosters easy.

Microkeeper's online employee rostering software is ready to take your shift scheduling to the next level. With an automatic integration to payroll, your work schedule can automatically be used as a tool to control staff costs.

Our staff rostering software is loaded with features; you can make use of schedule templates, notify your team members of upcoming shifts via SMS, check confirmations, sync rosters to online calendars, handle time off requests and set tasks...all within our rostering app.

Looking for the best rostering software? You've found it.

Easily export and share rosters

Let your staff know their newest roster is available as soon as you publish it with a push notification on their mobile or an automated SMS text message.
Sharing a printout, emailing rosters to your team or adding rosters to online calendars is absolutely possible too. 

  • Easily share rosters with your teams
  • Notify staff with a push notification or SMS
  • Easy export to Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal
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Individual shift confirmation

Turn on the individual shift confirmation feature to allow your staff to confirm or decline each shift. Managers will be able to see an overview of which shifts are accepted, rejected or awaiting response from the staff member and schedule different staff if needed.
This way staff can be more accountable, rosters can be finalised faster and managers can put ownership on employees to confirm shifts before a certain time if needed.

  • Let shifts be confirmed by staff, creating accountability and more reliable rosters
  • Make rostering faster, reducing need for staff members to contact managers with calls and messages
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Manage multiple locations in one place

Dealing with an array of departments, stores or worksites? Microkeeper lets you schedule your team members across multiple locations from one account. Each location has its own roster, giving you the power to define where your employees will be working and when.

  • Assign staff profiles to tasks and locations
  • Roster employees at one or at multiple locations
  • Get notified when your rosters create clashed shifts
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Automatic break compliance

There is no need to worry whether you've created compliant rosters. We'll work together with you to set up predefined rules, specific to your business, once you get started with Microkeeper. Breaks are then automatically rostered as soon as the shift triggers your predefined rules. 

  • Automatic break enforcement from the time of rostering
  • Break rules specific to your business, modern awards or EBA's
  • Schedule multiple paid or unpaid breaks during shifts
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Set tasks and keep your team accountable

Assign employees to jobs or use shift notes to let staff know the tasks they're expected to complete during their shift.
Your team members will be able to access these pointers within their employee console, improving performance and clarifying responsibilities.

  • Clarify tasks, jobs or focus of the shift at the time of rostering
  • Communicate important notes or reminders to staff so they're prepared at the start of their shift
Staff working tasks as asked by manager

Integrate rosters with timesheets and payroll

Microkeeper supercharges your rosters by linking and syncing them directly to our time tracking and payroll modules at no extra cost.

This allows you to streamline payroll and automate tasks like ensuring staff can only clock on at rostered locations, or automatically approving shifts that exactly match your rosters.

  • Integrate rostering with Microkeeper's business software tools
  • Use custom rosters in combination with time and attendance features to create a fast and easy payroll process
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Welcome to workforce software in the fast lane

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At Microkeeper, we understand your workforce admin doesn't stop at rostering your team.

So we built a powerful software system that links parts of your business that might previously have been isolated.

Our goal? Saving you time, paperwork and all the admin headaches you go through.

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Core HR

Paperless onboarding, leave management, skills management and more

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Manage your team's shifts and rosters fast, easy and on the go

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Time and attendance tracking that generates accurate timesheets

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Automated award application turns into quick, full service payroll