Automated time and attendance software and clocking hardware

Looking for a tailored time and attendance solution for your business? Microkeeper can help you build accurate timesheets in any situation.

Let employees clock on with an app, in a browser, with sturdy employee time tracking hardware or any of our leading biometric time and attendance systems.

  • Time and attendance solutions for Australian businesses
  • Easily monitor staff hours, attendance and location in real time.
  • Biometric time clocking solutions; fingerprint scanning and facial recognition - including workplace breathalysers.
Microkeeper time and attendance hardware time clocking
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Time and attendance tracking for Australian businesses

Looking for employee time tracking software? An enterprise-ready workforce time and attendance system? No worries.
If you need a way to accurately and securely track the time and attendance of your team, we have the solutions.

With Microkeeper, you can accurately capture timesheet data of casuals, contractors and employees. Simply and seamlessly captured in real time. Any time. Anywhere. Whether they're remote, at the office, or on the road.

We have a full list of electronic workforce time tracking options, and we guarantee there's a method that suits your business and your staff.  And while we mainly work with Australian businesses, our time and attendance solutions will operate worldwide.

Biometric facial recognition to record time and attendance for payroll


Microkeeper time and attendance in use in factory

Tracking time and attendance with facial recognition allows staff to clock their attendance as soon as they rock up in front of an iPad, without even touching a button. 

Biometric data gets extracted from the facial features and time and attendance gets clocked without a fuss. Ideal for manufacturing, medical, farming or food handling. Our workplace breathalyser integration is an ideal fit for construction, transport and mining. 

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Timesheets Via iPad

Our facial recognition time clock system is integrated through the Noahface app, available to download from Apple's App Store.

If you already have an iPad, this technology will need no extra hardware.

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Offline Access

In case of data, network or power outages, your clock on data will automatically get stored on your iPad with a universally accepted timestamp.

As soon as connection kicks back in, all data from the time tracker syncs seamlessly to our servers.

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True Facial Recognition

A facial recognition time clock is a great, touch free time tracking solution in environments where fingerprint scanning is impossible or impractical.

It's a modern solution offering all the benefits of biometric time & attendance clocking.

Screen showing Microkeeper app building time and attendance data for payroll

Time Clocking

Woman checking out Microkeeper app for time and attendance tracking

Microkeeper's dedicated time tracking app will streamline how you capture time and attendance data. It builds timesheets straight from your fingertips on any mobile device. Fast and easy.

An ideal solution for hospitality, retail, cleaning or remote workers

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Fast & Easy

Available on Google Play and Apple's App Store, the Microkeeper app is easily installed and set up.

A mobile device with a data connection is all you need. Simply set up your login details and you'll be on your way.

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GPS Tracking

Switch on location tracking and easily mark a GPS position at any time your employee clocks on or off.

Great for delivery drivers, sales reps or keeping track of the whereabouts of any other team members.

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Location Restriction

Map your work locations and turn on location restriction to make sure employees only clock on or off if they're within a certain range of distance to the workplace.

Unauthorised time clocking and timesheet fraud will be a thing of the past.

Biometric fingerprint data scanning to build data for payroll

Fingerprint Scanner

Microkeeper fingerprint biometric scanner, building biometric timesheets for a large businesses

In the search for biometric time and attendance solutions, a fingerprint time clock with payroll integration is the golden standard.

Our web based web based fingerprint time attendance system is a secure, biometric time clocking option that integrates directly into payroll. No more forgotten cards, logins or passwords.

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No More Passwords

With fingerprint time attendance software, everyone literally carries their credentials on their fingertips.

Biometric time & attendance also means that "buddy punching" and time theft can be actively eliminated.

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Biometric Time Clock

There is no need to worry about privacy concerns or biometric time clock laws: images of employees' fingerprint aren't recorded or stored.

Our fingerprint scanners converts the image to a binary string which can't be converted back into a fingerprint.

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Handle High Volumes

A fingerprint time clock system can handle hundreds of staff members within minutes.

Clocking on or off happens in an instant, making the fingerprint scanner a great option to handle bottleneck situations where large amounts of staff clock hours at the same time.

Photo of Microkeeper's dashboard on browser


Photo of desk with Microkeeper running on desktop

Users log in to the employee console on their web browser, clock on and our system starts building timesheets in real-time.

It takes into account pre-set award rules regarding overtime, breaks, super, deductions and special rates. Cost-effective. Simple.

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Cloud Technology

Microkeeper is truly cloud-driven, meaning as soon as timesheet data gets recorded, the data is instantly available online.

Management can easily check attendance or review and approve timesheet data on any device connected to the internet

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IP Restriction

An easy security configuration will give you the ability to restrict the network you want to allow your employees to clock on or off from.

This way, you can ensure your employee is connected to the workplace network at the time they record their attendance.

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Job Tracking

Users can easily track the time they spend on specific jobs or tasks within the employee console.

Once recorded, team managers can get a great overview of time spent on specific tasks, clients or jobs. A very valuable insight!

NFC data scanning for payroll


Microkeeper NFC scanner in use

Whenever biometric time clocking is not an option for time and attendance tracking, NFC readers offer similar benefits.

We see these as an ideal fit to generate timesheets for mechanics, cleaners, agriculturalists or construction trades and large enterprises.

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Simple Setup

The NFC scanner plugs into a USB port and will work with any Windows device. Setup is a breeze, and if you need us, there's is dedicated help from the Microkeeper support staff.

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Fast & Reliable

The NFC tag gets paired to an individual employee and the scan is instant, making this an ideal solution in scenarios where speed is an important factor.

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Biometric Alternative

NFC time clocking is a great alternative to biometric time and attendance tracking, and very useful in environments where hands and/or faces are covered due to safety regulations.

Microkeeper Console with fingerprint and NFC scanner


Microkeeper client happy with staff console

Clocking Station 5 is Microkeeper's newest flagship dedicated clock-in terminal, generating accurate timesheet data.

Our clients call this employee self service clocking system the best biometric time and attendance system in Australia and the modern answer to the bundy clock.

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Employee Time Clock

This modern answer to the bundy clock combines fingerprint and NFC scanning.

With centralised data storage, this clocking station is an ideal solution for multi-site businesses and large enterprises looking to build accurate timesheets.

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Robust Clocking System

Fast, reliable and robust, our clocking stations are built in-house, made from aluminium, to the highest quality guidelines.

The robust design reduces damage and protects the components inside for many years to come.

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Customisable Console

Your console can be completely personalised and branded to your business, with your logo, brandmark and custom colours on show.

Our designers will ensure the console blends right in at your place of work.

Release the power of automation

Microkeeper staff member helping with set up

At Microkeeper, we believe workforce admin can be easy, streamlined and automated.

We think it makes sense to link systems that overlap data: like HR, rostering, time tracking and payroll. It avoids double handling, makes systems more accurate and is seriously so much faster.

Let the computer do the repetitive work, your focus and expertise will surely be of good use in other parts of business.

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Core HR

Paperless onboarding, leave management, skills management and more

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Manage your team's shifts and rosters fast, easy and on the go

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Time and attendance tracking that generates accurate timesheets

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Automated award application turns into quick, full service payroll