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Microkeeper is an all-in-one, online Australian payroll platform that makes workforce administration easy.

Our goal? Creating the most innovative and reliable payroll software in Australia, helping you look after your people every step of the way, from HR to rostering, timesheets all the way to payroll. 

Streamline all workforce admin in
one single application

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Core HR

Make contracts, job offers, employee onboarding, skills, development, licences and leave management completely paperless with Microkeeper. 
Less paper, more time to focus on your people.

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Schedule staff shifts and manage wage costs wherever you are. Create compliant rosters, automatic breaks and easily notify your team with push notifications, email or SMS.

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Staff time tracking tools that integrate directly and in real-time with payroll. Track hours via our app, in a browser or use any of our time and attendance hardware solutions like biometric facial recognition.

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Microkeeper's smart payroll takes care of STP and super, calculates your team's wages based on performed hours, shift rules, award applications, and time off. Payroll only takes a click.

Join over 60,000
happy users around Australia

Our cloud based payroll solution is successfully used in workplaces of all shapes and sizes around Australia.

Employees love us because Microkeeper is easy and intuitive. Accountants and bookkeepers love us because we save them time...and a whole lot of headaches.  

Are you ready to change the way you roll?

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One comment we keep on hearing?
Microkeeper is the payroll solution with the most features and the best price in the market. We're proud of that one.

We live to be the best software payroll platform for Aussie workplaces across the country, no matter what your workplace looks like: multiple job locations, large staff count, seasonal staff, rotating rosters, we've got the solutions for you. Because hardworking people need great tools to make the most out of their day.

Oh, and, if you were wondering - we like keeping it local. Data is stored on Australian servers. Development happens right here. Tech support is available on the phones from our Victorian HQ. Even our flagship clocking station is built in-house, using high quality, local trades.  

One single system to...

Sync all features with cloud-based payroll software

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Super Processing

Our platform integrates directly with super clearing house SuperChoice. Processing Super payments with Microkeeper is a simple, straightforward process which takes no more than 30 seconds. Making our software an easy, compliant SuperStream solution.

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Award Interpretation

Our system automatically applies the Australian award rules we build together with you on setup. You're in full control of applying rules specific to your relevant modern award, enterprise agreement or annualised salary provisions.

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Payroll Integration

We integrate with most, if not all, accounting platforms. You can send your payroll data directly from Microkeeper to Xero or use smart imports of data for MYOB or QuickBooks. But we play nice with others too, just let us know who you're with and we'll help with setup.

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Single Touch Payroll

Microkeeper is Single Touch Payroll compliant. Lodging STP within Microkeeper is a very easy and straightforward process that happens in minutes. Microkeeper is an ATO approved payroll platform, and is fully endorsed as an STP solution on the Australian Taxation Office website.

Payroll reporting


Microkeeper lets you access a wide array of reports based on payroll data. These reports can give a snapshot of any particular areas of your workplace. You'll be able to track and export reports in your browser, print physical copies or save them as a CSV file for Excel or Google Sheets.

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Mobile App

Our mobile app on iPhone and Android lets managers check who's clocked on at work, schedule rosters, approve timesheets, manage time off, set tasks and message their team. Employees can view upcoming shifts, see job locations, clock their hours, request leave, upload documents. It's that easy.

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Leave Management

Our workforce management platform streamlines leave and absence. It's an easy process that lets staff see the expected balance available, lets managers track the staffing level on the relevant dates and approve leave from any device.

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Job Tracking

Our time and attendance software and timesheet app lets you associate tracked time with specific jobs or tasks, so you can easily track the resources going towards them. You can also use this feature with subcontractors to pay invoices based on hours worked.

Time clocking hardware

Time Clocking

Microkeeper offers 7 different time and attendance solutions. You can use biometric features like facial recognition and fingerprint scanning or simply use our mobile app, online portal or NFC consoles. Simply pick the options that suit your workplace and staff.

Business software that prioritises you

When we noticed the headaches of day-to-day business admin, timesheets and rostering using Excel spreadsheets and whiteboards, we knew there had to be an easier way.
So, we built it.

We think workforce administration should be a linked process: hiring and onboarding people, rostering staff, tracking hours worked and streamlining payroll can all be handled in one software package or app.

If you're looking for a solution to tackle the frustration of unnecessary, repetitive paperwork - Microkeeper is the answer.

Farmer who uses Microkeeper for payroll
Tech team working on coding

We think it makes sense to have one system that can move through all stages of workforce administration

At Microkeeper, we have reimagined employee admin as an integrated and automated process.

In doing so, we have created an innovative and reliable payroll platform, built for Australia, helping you streamline processes. Our platform is constantly updated and fully approved by the ATO.

Designed to scale easily as your business grows, Microkeeper is a budget friendly payroll software that shines in streamlining intricate workplace structures with large staff count, multiple locations, complex payroll structures or irregular working hours.

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Streamline workforce admin with
one single application

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Core HR

Onboarding, leave management, skills, license storage. We do it all.

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Manage your team's shifts
and rosters fast, easy
and on the go.

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Create accurate timesheets with our employee time and attendance system.

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Automatically handle STP, tax, super and other deductions.