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Transitioning to a new payroll and workforce management software can feel a bit daunting. At Microkeeper, it's our goal to make the move as seamless as possible.

  • Supported setup with the help of a dedicated Account Specialist.
  • A competitive setup fee, covering the cost of all training and setup assistance.
  • Self onboarding for small businesses, through guides and a growing library of videos. (1-5 employees)
Microkeeper Supported Onboarding Setup

Supported setup process

During our supported setup process, you'll work with a dedicated Microkeeper Account Specialist who will oversee the implementation of Microkeeper into your business. They'll provide product training sessions with key stakeholders, work collaboratively with you throughout the account setup, and assist with data transfer and building your payroll automation.

Typically, our new users complete the implementation process within 2 to 6 weeks, however timelines can vary depending on your required features, payroll complexity and cooperation with key staff members.

Getting Started

Stage 1


This is where you'll start your implementation process with Microkeeper.
Your assigned Account Specialist will take the time to ensure they understand your goals.

They will build a personal roadmap, taking into consideration the features you would like to implement and your preferred live date.

You'll also be guided in the high level settings of Microkeeper.

The main focus:

  • Getting to know your Account Specialist
  • Learning how to adjust Global Settings
  • Learning how to add employees to Microkeeper
  • Booking all upcoming training sessions
Data Transfer

Stage 2

Employee Data Transfer

Next, we'll be populating Microkeeper with the necessary employee data.
Your Account Specialist will guide you to ensure all your existing employees are correctly onboarded into Microkeeper.

This doesn't mean your staff will need to start using Microkeeper straight away, we're just ensuring all information is available, when you're ready.

The main focus:

  • Importing all current employee data
  • Assigning correct levels of control to key employees
  • Ensuring all data is correctly formatted and accessible
  • Setting up your employee roles and groups 
  • Setting up your work locations
Management Training

Stage 3

Management Training

To set up your team for success, it's crucial all key staff members know how to use Microkeeper. 

Your Account Specialist will run through group training sessions with your key stakeholders, covering the basics of rostering, time and attendance tracking, leave management and Microkeeper's HR functionalities.

The main focus:

  • Rostering: scheduling staff and tracking budgets with templated rosters
  • Leave management: requesting and approving time off
  • Skills management: tracking documents, licenses and certificates
  • Time and attendance tracking: clocking hours, tracking jobs, generating and reviewing timesheets
  • Q&A: answering specific questions relating to your setup
Automation Setup

Stage 4

Payroll Automation Setup

Payroll automation is where Microkeeper shines. Your Account Specialist will work with you to build the payroll rules that Microkeeper will use to automatically turn timesheets into accurate and compliant pay runs.

During this step, we will work closely with your payroll team to completely understand your award interpretation or EBA's. 

Most of the work here is done behind the scenes, as your Account Specialist will ensure Microkeeper is configured to match your calculations.

The main focus:

  • Working closely with the payroll team to understand your specific payroll complexities
  • Configuring Microkeeper to automate your payroll
  • Setting up all required payroll rules

Stage 5

Parallel Payrun 

We don't leave anything to chance at Microkeeper. During the parallel payrun we will be running Microkeeper in the background, in parallel with your old system.

This way we can ensure we're doing a proper comparison, and the outcome of our automation matches your expectations.

Your Account Specialist will work with your payroll team to identify and correct any discrepancies that might arise.

The main focus:

  • Tracking time and attendance 
  • Using collected data to automate a first pay run in Microkeeper 
  • Double checking all outcomes are as expected
  • Making changes to automation if any unexpected variations between your old system and Microkeeper show up
Go Live

Stage 6

Account Live

Get ready to automate your payroll. As you reach the end of your Assisted Setup and Training, your Account Specialist will ensure you're ready to make the full switch to Microkeeper so you can start enjoying all the benefits!

From here onwards, your technical support will be provided by our full Account Specialist Team, directly from our Australian Head Office.

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