Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the maximum number of bank accounts added to an employees profile?
An employee can have up to 3 bank accounts
How much does access to the Microkeeper system cost?
The cost is calculated per employee and billed on a monthly basis, refer to our pricing page for more information.
Can individual employees have different levels of access?
Yes, each employee will have an individual secure access level. Settings are changed in the Employee Profile under the Access Control.
Does Microkeeper calculate payroll tax?
Yes, the payroll tax threshold and rate are editable inside the business profile. The reports pages will generate payroll tax calculations.
How can I track an employees clock times without it processing through to payroll?
In the employee profile set basic rate to $0. With a zero figure on the payslip, no payroll data will generate.
Does Microkeeper have a super clearing house?
Yes, we are partnered with SuperChoice. Click the more info link to view a video on super processing with Microkeeper.
How much are the fingerprint scanners?
Click more info for pricing.
What hardware do is needed to run the fingerprint scanner?
Any Windows PC with a spare USB port, connected to the internet. A dedicated PC is recommended
How does leave accrue?
Leave accrues pro rata depending on how many normal hours an employee works. Only hours classed as normal hours will accrue.
What backup procedure does Microkeeper have in place?
Data is backed up in real time, followed by a daily backup off site, weekly backup to the Microkeeper head office and annual backup that is kept indefinitely.
Is data encrypted during transmission?
Yes, data is encrypted during transmission using a 256-bit SSL connection
Where are the Microkeeper servers and who hosts them?
Microkeeper use Equinix Data Centre for hosting our web-servers, and are located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
How much data does clocking hours on the employee console use?
Loading the mobile home page, clocking on and logging out used about 160kb of data. Twice a day, 5 times a week, for 1 month would equal about 6.4mb. That's less than 2% of a 500mb mobile plan.
How much data does Microkeeper use to clock hours?
Data used to record timesheet hours is very small. A moment of a video file would equate to months of data needed to clock hours.
How to recover a forgotten password?
Passwords can be reset using the password recovery tool
Where is the fingerprint stored?
An image of the fingerprint is not stored. The fingerprint is converted to a binary string, below is a fingerprint and how it looks as a binary string.
123C2A062123C2A062E123C2A062E296B29123C123C2 A062E296B2123C2A062E296B299123C2A062E296 B292A062E296B292123C2A062E296B2996B29123C2A062E 2123C2A062E296B2996B29E2123C123C2A062E296B292A123C2A062 E296B29123C2A062E296123C2A062E296B29B29062E296B2996B29. This string can not be converted back into a fingerprint.
What is stopping someone from stealing my fingerprints and using them?
Microkeeper does not store an actual fingerprint so there is nothing to steal. If someone were to get their hands on the information stored a binary string would be useless to them.
I need to run payroll for a terminated employee or employee that was added after payroll was processed?
Navigate to the Payslip page.
If required Unlock the Payrun.
Click Add Employee, select the employee then click Update.
This action will produce a payslip for the employee.
How does leave data calculate?
Closing balances from the previous year or existing data, plus weekly accruals.
How do basic hours work?
Basic hours are what we expect the employee to do in a typical week. Used to calculate leave hours, salary hours if the employee is casual set to zero.
What if the employees leave request exceed basic hours?
If leave totals exceed basic hours the system will not add the leave. The system thinks that basic hours have already been worked. A manual entry must be made.
What does FPS stand for?
FPS stands for Fingerprint Scanner
How to notify staff on their roster?
Once a Roster Calender Week has been locked, the rostered week will now be visable to staff on their Employees Console.
Within the Roster Calender page notifications can be sent out to Employees by clicking the Push button
What is the difference between roster calendar and roster template?
A Roster Calender is the Live Roster for the Fiscal Week. A Roster Template is precreated by the organisation and is a reusuable roster that can be used to quickly roster employees to a Roster Calender by using the Clone Roster tool.
I can not see the roster on the roster calendar?
Confirm that:
  • A Roster Template has been cloned to the Roster Calendar week
  • The correct live fiscal year and week has been selected
  • A Location has been ticked to display
How do I edit a locked week inside the roster calendar?
Unlock the week, make your changes and relock the calendar.
How do I hide the budget or costs on the roster?
To hide costs go to the employee page, click edit next to the user, and untick manager settings 'display costs'.
How do I print a roster?
Weekly rosters can be printed within the Roster Calendar page.
On the top of the Roster Calender page there is the option to download an Excel file, a PDF file or generate a HTML page. The HTML page allows for further customization of displayed information fields.
I can not download my roster when I click the excel button?
Google Chrome is recommended for the optimal experience when downloading Excel files from Microkeeper. If the download is still failing refer to this troubleshooting guide for Google Chrome
How do I copy a roster week to week?
First, make a roster template and save it to the roster calendar. Choose the locations you wish to copy. At the top of the page is a clone button. After you click the clone button a menu will appear, select the week you wish to copy. Then select the week you wish to copy to, hit the clone button again and the roster is now copied.
When does the first week of the year begin in Microkeeper?
The weeks begin from the start of the financial year. Week 1 will be from your first payroll week at the beginning of the financial year. Weeks are not from the beginning of the calendar year.
Can I send my staff an SMS of their roster?
Any roster that has been saved to a week can be sent via SMS to an employee.Go to Payroll, rosters, SMS rosters. You can select the roster that you want to send by selecting it from the drop down list.
How much does it cost to send an SMS roster to my staff?
SMS will cost you per text message sent. Please refer to the pricing page for more information
Can I roster my staff on to different sites or locations?
Yes, you can roster staff on to many departments or locations. To add new location go to settings, general, locations. Adding a new location will give you different departments inside your business you can roster staff on to.
How do I get my staff to only clock on via GPS within a certain range of the business?
First, create a location. Add longitude and latitude degrees to pinpoint the location of the log in area. As a default the geo-fence is set to 70m from the pinpoint you choose. To edit the geo-fence distance go to tab: Settings, general, global and adjust the range. Staff will be only able to clock hours inside this area.
How does my employer know where I logged on from using GPS?
Inside the timesheet, a symbol of a map will appear next to your timesheet entry. By clicking this symbol, a map will appear with the location of where you clocked on or off.
How do I let employees know their Microkeeper username and password?
Go to settings, employees. Look for the button 'Welcome letter' under the button is a check box to quick select all employees. If you need to send to only a few employees only select those. Click Welcome letter and choose email or SMS and send. This will send employees a short text with username and password.
Where can I view my payslip?
Your payslip is on the Microkeeper app or the Microkeeper website. The current week is displayed as a default. If you want to view other payslips, click the Run drop down box and select the payrun you would like to view.
How can I search for timesheet entries that do not have jobs attached?
Organise the timesheet by searching no job and sort by created. This will give you a list of created timesheet entries that do not have jobs attached.
How do I get started using Microkeeper for superannuation?
Go to study, reports, click register for SuperChoice. Follow the directions and fill out the registration pages. Once you have registered an account you are free to process super.
How do I add a self managed super fund?
Navigate to Menu Settings > General > Super Settings > On the Super Settings option page enter the Self Managed Super Fund details in the "Add a Self Managed Super Fund" section and click the Add SMSF button to confirm the fund.
What information does Microkeeper need from my employees?
Basic contact information plus bank details, superannuation details, the rate of pay, tax settings and pre-accumulated data.
What employee information do I need to get started?
The most basic information you will need is employee name, mobile and email. If you are currently using an accounting package, example, Xero or MYOB. Microkeeper can upload all your staff information in one go. Please follow the more info link to see how.
How do I enter pre accumulated data?
Pre-accumulated data can be entered into each employees profile. Go to settings, employee and edit next to an employee's name. Pre accumulated data is annual leave, personal leave, long service, net earnings and so on.
How does pre accumulated data work?
Pre-accumulated data is calculated by a balance from either, the previous year (closing balance) or opening balance when you begin a new account. The opening/closing balance works as a starting point and every time you run payroll the amounts add on top of the balance. Example: Opening Balance + Payrun 1 + Payrun 2 + Payrun 3 = Total. Totals can be annual leave, personal leave, long service, net earnings and so on
Do I have to enter super earning that are pre accumulated?
The only super entered into pre accumulated is any super above the 10%. This will then record onto the group certificate.
How do I print a payslip for just 1 or 2 employees instead of all?
Go to settings, employees click edit next to the employees name and under the heading Employee Security settings, tick the box employee wants a printed payslip. Do this for all relevant staff and only those will print from the payroll page.
Can an employee add split bank account?
Yes, go to settings, employees click edit next to the employees name and under the heading Banking, add another bank account the amount can either be fixed or a percentage of the employees wage.
What happens if an employee sets their availability and I roster them on?
The rostered shift affected by the availability will change colour to red. This will alert you that there is something that needs your attention.
When I roster somebody onto a particular shift the hours change to red?
This could be caused by a few reasons first the staff member may have set availability to unavailable inside their employee profile. The employee has requested leave for that day/week. By hovering over the red shift you can see why this has happened.
How do I add a location?
Go to settings, general, locations. This will then prompt you to add a location. By adding longitude and latitude to the location staff will be able to clock into the location via GPS.
How do I set a manager so they can only view a certain locations or groups on the roster and timesheet?
The manager of a location is used for the Microkeeper security settings. Each location's manager will be able to view only the roster, leave requests and timesheets for their specified location's.
Jobs will not delete?
Jobs are organised by status, this will show the deleted jobs as well as active. When organised by active the deleted jobs are removed.
I can't find CBUS in the Superannuation list?
CBUS is located under Construction & Building Unions Superannuation Fund (CBUS)
How do I add a driving allowance?
Go to Settings > Payroll rules > Extra rules. Read through the info dots and enter the driving allowance amount
How do I add a mobile phone allowance?
Go to Settings > Payroll Rules > Extra Rules - Click the more info button to see how to add a mobile phone allowance
Can you do payruns in advance?
Yes, you can do payruns at anytime. Forward dating the ABA file is done when you start a new payrun. Change the date on the ABA file itself is possible too. Keep in mind once the payrun is started timesheet editing for managers is locked.
Can a staff member work with 2 separate hourly wages?
Yes, we call this a step up rule. Staff can step up wage for either hours, days or weeks.
How do I add a before tax salary sacrifice super contribution?
Settings > Payroll Rules > Deductions Rules - Select expense for salary sacrifice
How do I clone the week 52 roster to week 1 of the next year?
Make sure you have the correct year selected when you clone the roster to week 1
Do I need to include Child Support on the Group Certificate or Payment Summary?
Child support is an after tax payment and is not required on the Group Certificate or Payment Summary.
Where can I view my roster?
Your roster is on the Microkeeper app or the Microkeeper website. By default, the current week is displayed. If you want to view more rosters click next week or last week.
I forgot to clock off what should I do?
Depending on your company's policy this may differ. The first point of call should be your manager that has Microkeeper timesheet access. They will be able to make alterations to your timesheet.
Where can I view my timesheet?
Your timesheet is on the Microkeeper app or the Microkeeper website. By default, the current week is displayed. It will populate as you work your shifts.
How does payroll data appear in Xero?
As an approved invoice ready to be reconciled from the bank feed once the ABA file is paid
How do I reconcile a payroll invoice in Xero?
The Xero bank feed will pick up the net payroll amount and will automatically match that to the payroll invoice that was sent from Microkeeper.
When and how does data sync occur?
Manually once per payrun as requested by the payroll officer
How do I connect to Xero?
Go to Settings > General > Global - Select the option to connect to Xero.
What does the Xero integration do?
Sends your payroll information from your Microkeeper account into your Xero account
How do I disconnect from Xero?
Once connected to Xero a disconnect button will appear at the same place the connect button appears.
I forgot my username how can I recover it?
You can recover your username with the username recovery tool
How can I remove cancel delete my Microkeeper account?
Settings > Billing > Cancel my Microkeeper account
What can I clean the Fingerprint scanner with?
Cleaning: Only clean using a damp cloth (warm water only).
Using anything other will void the warranty If you are unsure consult a Microkeeper team member before cleaning.
Find out more on how to maintain your scanner.
How can I delete or remove an employee?
For record keeping reasons, an employee can not be deleted, instead terminate the employee in the Employee Profile.

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Employees > on the Employees page, click the Edit button for the employee you wish to delete to enter the Employee's profile > on the Employee Profile scroll down to the Active Status window and tick the Employee Terminated checkbox.

How do I provide link access for an accountant or third party to a Microkeeper account?
In order to link an accountant to your business account, they first must have a Microkeeper account of their own.
If your accountant has not already done so, request that they register with Microkeeper and provide you with their username that they use to login with.
In your business account, go to Payroll > Linked Users > Click Add User, enter your accountants username.
When your accountant logs in to their account, they will go to Payroll > Linked Users and select to login to your business. Note: Your accountant will have full access to your account.
How do I submit a Final STP submission for End Of Financial Year EOFY?
When making the STP submission select Final and Submit for the Event, if submitting after the Payrun payment date select Update for the Event.
RFBA: How are Reportable Fringe Benefit Amount reported under STP?
Two lines need to be added to the payslip, one will be a Payment, the second will an Expense that deducts that payment from the Gross and classifies it as the RFBA, this guide explains the process:
What is the EOFY process for closing off the year before processing the first payrun of the next financial year?
The first payrun of next financial year can be processed without closing off anything from the previous finacial year
EOFY gross balances do not match other reports?
Make these checks in this order:
  • Tax values match
  • Payment Dates of all Payruns fall within Fiscal year
  • Date Range match
  • STP Report - Foreign Resident, Working Holiday Maker, etc are correct
  • Sub-Contractors are not included in STP
How should reimbursements be added?
A reimbursement for an expense can be added to the Payslip as a negative Deduction
This will increase the Net but not affect Gross
How do I delete a Payrun?
On the Payruns page > click the Reset button on the top right of the page > Select the Payrun you wish to delete in the drop down box > Enter your password > click the I AGREE button and confirm.
How do I change a Group name?
Group names are changed in the Group Configuration page. Navigate to
Menu > Settings > Groups > within the Group Configuration page you can click the Edit button on the right of a Group and change the name. Confirm the changes by clicking the save button.
Can I change the Name Address ABN Phone Number on the payslip?
The business information from Global Settings is displayed on the payslip. To change this navigate to:
Menu > Settings > General > Global > On the Global Settings page, the Business Contact Information are what details will display on a payslip
I cannot log into my account?
If you have forgotten your password you can use our password recovery tool. If you have forgotten your username you can use the username recovery tool
How do I rehire an employee who was previously terminated?
Terminated employees can be set back to an Active status to be quickly rehired.

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Employees > on the Employees Page untick the Active tick box to view terminated employee > click the Edit button on the employee you wish to reactivate > on the Employee's Profile scroll down to the Active Status window and tick the Currently Employed checkbox.
Can I generate a report for an individual employee?
Reports can be refined to the Financial Year, Period of Time and Groups or Individual Employees
The mobile application is requesting a 4 digit pin I have not set a four digit pin on the app?
If you have forgotten or do not have a pin you will need to reset the data cache or reinstall the mobile app on your device.
My fingerprint scanner isnt working I keep getting a Fingerprint not found in Database error?
  • Place the finger high on the glass and press down firmly
  • Make sure that the Fingerprint scanner is clean and dry. Find out more on how to maintain the Fingerprint scanner.
  • Make sure fingers are dry if they are wet or use a moisturiser if they are too dry.
  • Check the condition of fingerprints. Scar tissue and wrinkles can change the fingerprint. A fingerprint may have to be removed and then registered again.
Why is my tax rate calculating higher then my tax bracket?
Microkeeper calculates tax withheld by averaging a weekly pay over an annualised salary.
Microkeeper's automated tax calculation will always be in the ATO's favour. The higher tax rate may be due to a high estimated yearly wage for the employee's payslip.
Where can you retrieve historical invoices?

A list of previous invoices can be found under the Billing page of your Microkeeper Account
Navigate to Menu > Settings > Billing > down the botton of the page you will see a list of all historical invoices

How to adjust an employees leave or entitlement balance?
Work out how much extra leave the employee has accrued, for example: 24 hours of Annual Leave
Navigate to Menu > Settings > Employees > click the Edit button for the employee you wish to adjust.
On their Employee Profile navigate to the Previously Accumulated tile
  • Adjust Year of Pre-Accumulated Data to the fiscal year this balance relates to
  • Adjust Pre Annual Leave to the value 24. If a value already exists, just add the desired value from what already exists and enter the remaining. Example 100 + 24 = 124.
  • A negative balance can be adjusted by entering a negative value, for example: -36
Navigate to a recent unlocked payslip for the adjusted employee and click the  Recalc Leave button located on the bottom of the employee's payslip. This will now update the employee's balance with the adjusted leave.
How to add a message or note to a Payslip?

A can add a note to a payslip by clicking the Notes button located on the top of an unlocked payslip

How to export Employee details?
Navigate to Menu > Settings > Employees > click the Export employee button