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The best payroll for Australian businesses is made right here. Microkeeper's online payroll software ensures your payroll is fast, easy, and accurate as it analyses real-time data from timesheet and converts it directly to payroll data.

All your Shift rules are taken care of, payslips are generated online and Single Touch Payroll can be lodged, all from within our platform.

So, change the way you roll. Make payday great again.

Speed up payroll with an all in one solution

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Streamlined and accurate payroll

Microkeeper is the answer to countless moments of frustration wondering why it's so hard to process payroll fast and accurately. Our software uses precisely registered timesheet data, collected with enterprise-level time and attendance tools, to automate payroll calculations. That means all wages, allowances, penalty rates, loading, overtime and time off gets calculated within a matter of minutes. Even for large businesses with complex structures and pay rules.

  • All calculations are done automatically, based on your personalised preset shift rules
  • Eliminate manual errors with payruns based on accurately tracked time and attendance data
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Automatically apply award rules

Compliant payroll starts with effective implementation, which is why our software uses your specific payroll rules. 
We'll provide personalised setup and active parallel testing as we believe putting compliance solely in the hands of a system that might, or might not, correctly interpret complex awards and changes in payroll legislation is too big a risk. Instead, our agents will work together with your trained payroll professionals during setup or whenever reviews are needed to ensure your specific rules, based on your industry's award or EBA's, will be applied. Once your rules are set, automatic payroll can be automated with confidence.

  • Avoid errors leading to underpayment or overpayment
  • Set up and create complex rules based on modern awards or Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBA)
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Create online payslips

Once payroll is processed, you can mark a pay period as "locked" in Microkeeper, giving your employees instant access to their payslips online. Payslips can be printed, but there's no need for it, as employees have full access to all historical payslips in their personal employee self-service portal.

  • Give staff instant access to payslips within their ESS portal, there's no need to spend time printing or emailing
  • Make payroll eco-friendly, skip the printer and view payslips online
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On the hunt for
online payroll software?

You're not alone. Australian businesses are choosing to work with our integrated, cloud payroll software every day because they want - and deserve - a fast and streamlined process.

We created a scalable system that's ready to speed up processing times on payday, is packed full of features and easy to use. 

We're 100% Australian owned and we offer one on one tech support with a local tech team. We're here to support you making your payruns fast and easy.

Microkeeper has components that can be switched on or off, meaning it can be a simple, free payroll system for micro-businesses at its leanest, and when the full power gets released; the best payroll software for large business.

Single touch payroll compliance

Microkeeper was one of the first software systems to become an ATO certified provider for Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting requirements. You'll be able to process payroll, get your STP report and shoot it off to the ATO, all within our payroll platform.

  • Easily submit STP information to the ATO each payrun
  • Automatically import all relevant STP data, like Tax File Number Declaration (TFND), from the employee portal
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Superannuation processing

Super guarantee, deductions, salary sacrifices, self-managed super funds...it's all taken care of by Microkeeper's payroll software. On your command, your super data is pushed to a super clearing house reducing the processing time to seconds. The clearing house makes sure all super funds are paid accordingly.

  • Employees digitally fill out superannuation fund details during self onboarding, reducing human error
  • Direct integration with SuperChoice's super clearing house
  • Super gets transferred to clearing house in bulk and then paid to relevant super account
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Free and easy setup

We understand changing software systems can be daunting. That's why we'll set you up with your personal account specialist that will do some of the heavy lifting for you. It's a service we don't charge for. We just think it's the right thing to do.

  • Easy transfer of current payroll and staff data to Microkeeper
  • Microkeeper helps with active parallel testing, doing payruns side-by-side confirming accurate calculation
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Why use 4 different platforms when Microkeeper can do it all?

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At Microkeeper, our goal is to make payroll streamlined and easy for all Australian businesses.

We live to help people save time, paperwork, and stress. So, change the way you roll and discover a linked payroll platform that handles all touchpoints between employees and admin.

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Core HR

Onboarding, leave management, skills, license storage. We do it all.

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Manage your team shifts
and rosters fast, easy
and on the go.

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Create accurate timesheets with our employee time and attendance system.

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Automatically handle STP, tax, super and other deductions.