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How do I import timesheets via CSV?

Author Joel Davis@Microkeeper
Category Timesheet
Last Modified 28/03/2024

Timesheets can be import via a CSV file. Follow these fields in the exact order mentioned (for any optional fields, leave as blank):

  1. Employee (Required): This field can be populated using the employee's Username, Payroll ID, Employee ID, or Employee Name. Microkeeper will attempt to match the record using any of these identifiers.
  2. Date (Required) : The date for the timesheet entry.
  3. Start Time (Required) : The beginning time of the work period.
  4. End Time (Required) : The concluding time of the work period.
  5. Location (Optional): The workplace location.
  6. Role (Optional) : The specific role of the employee for that timesheet entry.
  7. Job (Optional) : This can be identified by the JobID, Third Party ID, or Job Title. Microkeeper will attempt to match the record using any of these identifiers.
  8. Break (Optional) : This field requires the break duration in minutes. Microkeeper will search for a selectable break rule with the same duration and apply it.
  9. Note (Optional) : Any additional information or context you want to provide for that particular timesheet entry.

To upload formatted csv file navigate to Menu > Rosters > Timesheets > click the Import CSV button and select your CSV file.

If you're re-uploading data within the same date range that was previously imported via CSV, please be aware that any existing data within that range will be destroyed and replaced with the new CSV data.