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How it works

They Receive

20% off
first invoice

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You Receive

$12 per


Your client runs a retail chain with 86 employees.
Once referred they receive 20% off thanks to your referral.
You'll receive $86 per month for 12 months for a total of $1,032.

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There are 3 ways to share Microkeeper

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Direct Contact

Once you have discussed the benefits of Microkeeper with your client, add their contact details below. We will contact them on your behalf and discuss in detail how Microkeeper can benefit their business.

Social Sharing

Social Share

Share Microkeeper on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. When someone clicks your post and creates a Microkeeper account we add them to your referral list.

Embed website

Link & Promo Code

A custom URL is provided with a promo code for your clients. When someone clicks your link and creates a Microkeeper account we add them to your referral list. The URL can also be intergrated into links on your website.

Track Referral Status

You can see who has created an account,
when they're on trial and when they go live.

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Track Your Commision

After your referral has gone live Microkeeper will
credit your bank account the referral payments.

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