Microkeeper Development Roadmap

Microkeeper Development Roadmap portal to another dimension

The Microkeeper Development Roadmap is a comprehensive overview of our upcoming projects and features. This roadmap is based on customer feedback and feature requests, and it outlines the order in which we plan to work on them.

While we cannot guarantee the exact completion date for each project, we provide estimated timelines to give our customers a general idea of when they can expect to see new features and updates. Please note that this list is subject to change due to a variety of factors, including business needs, government legislation, and other unforeseen circumstances.

We're committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, and we will continue to work hard to improve and enhance our product in the future.
Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

Request Feature

 Embedded Module

The ability to embed Microkeeper into a third party system. This is a major project designed to benefit other software providers that want to embed Microkeeper as part of their software offering. ETA
120 days

 3D Cost Centres

Breakdown payroll by more factors, currently we support cost centre breakdown by Job, we want to add Location, Role and Date to this list, this project is about 50% complete. ETA
150 days

 Simple Employee Payslip

With complex awards and business cost centre requirements, staff payslips can get very long, this feature would group payments that are similar, creating a simpler payslip for staff to digest. ETA
152 days

 UI and UX Refresh

The UI in Microkeeper is quite dated, we need to refresh the UI to be in alignment with 2023 standards. The UX while good in some areas, is too difficult in other areas leading to users getting frustrating, this is mainly when onboarding in Microkeeper but is also present in day to day tasks too. ETA
212 days

 Manatel Intergration

We have partnered with a recruitment platform called Manatel and we are going to build an API integration between the two system create a better recruitment experience for all our customers. ETA
222 days

 Get Public Holiday from Location in Payrun

Using the Location to determine the Timezone rather than the Employee Profile, this allows for staff that work across States. ETA
226 days

 Public Holidays that past midnight

Review the Shift Rules and ensure awards are correct when a Public Holiday passes midnight either before or after the Public Holiday. ETA
229 days

 Roles Drop Down when Rostering

Currently a Location is broken down into Roles for users with a long list of Roles this create lots of scrolling, displaying the Roles as a Drop Down will allow for longer lists of Roles. ETA
239 days

 Do not pay Salary Staff that have ran out of Leave

When salary staff run out of leave the basic hours are used, this is causing overpayment, the leave request should be converted to unpaid leave instead. ETA
241 days

 Email Notification when bid is placed on a shift

Management must login to see if a bid was placed on a shift, this feature would let them know straight away so they can action the bid in a more timely manner. ETA
242 days

 Assign Groups to Jobs

Replace the need to assign Staff to Jobs by allowing Groups to be assigned to Jobs instead. ETA
244 days

 Flag Leave that is Unpaid

If a leave request is submitted that is past dated, it likely will never get paid, we should flag this to payroll for review. ETA
246 days

 Include Leave data in iCal

By linking the iCal data in a third party calendar like Google Calendar, Roster data can shown up, however Leave data is not present so Employer can not see how is on Leave in their calendar. Adding Leave data would solve this problem. ETA
250 days

 Other Leave option with customisable list

There are many other types of leave that business must pay including, domestic violence, compassionate, study leave, birthday leave, parental leave, jury duty, etc. Currently these must be manually added to the payslip. These types of leave all have one thing in common, they do not accrue, thus can be treated similarly. ETA
274 days

 Payroll Tax report exclusion option

Some payments are excluded from Payroll Tax, the current workaround is to manually remove these amounts from the Payroll Tax report, if we add mapping for the payments we could automatically excluded payment that match. ETA
276 days

 Allow [ ] in the title of Rule names

Allow [ ] in the Title of: Shift Rules, Rate Rules, Extra Rules, Deduction Rules ETA
278 days

 Cost and Hours Budget export compared to actual

When Rostering a Budget Cost and Budget Hours can be set, which helps managers Roster towards a target. However there is currently no way to export this data. We need to build a Report by date range that can export the Roster Budget compared to roster Actual compared to the Timesheet Actual, this will help admin with performance analysis. ETA
282 days