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Tis the season to be hiring

Onboarding made simple:
Optimise your seasonal onboarding with Microkeeper.

‘Tis the season to be hiring!

It seems like in every festive window display this year sits a recruitment sign as businesses begin their seasonal search for help, in what is being described as “one of the toughest years in terms of recruitment” in Australia.

Faced with a shallow hiring pool, it’s never been more crucial as an employer to focus not only on making your brand and culture appealing to workers, but also to ensure a smooth onboarding process in order to quickly convert your best candidates from resume to the real world. 

A clunky onboarding process can mean valuable hours wasted chasing up employee paperwork, checking qualifications or licences, manually entering said information into your system, requesting staff availability and communicating out rosters. 

With a ‘to do’ list longer than Santa’s, it can be hard keeping on top of it all. 

Streamline the boring stuff

By adopting a software solution, like Microkeeper, you can automate a lot of the cumbersome, mundane tasks and easily onboard new hires, create rosters, track time and attendance and ensure compliance all from your phone or PC. 

Make sure your business is making the most of its busiest trading period, with an employee onboarding process that creates a confident workforce, equipped to thrive. Here’s how…

9 key features that will optimise the onboarding process:

1. Self-onboarding: 

Wave goodbye to manually inputting data and chasing employees for information. With our innovative set of tools, onboarding has never been simpler. Create accounts for your employees and let them do the rest! From their Employee Console they can onboard themselves entering all required personal details including tax, bank, and super as well as shift availability and leave requests and more directly into the system. 

2. Paperless processes: 

Skip the printer when growing your team. Job offers and contracts can be ready in the Employee Console, all digitally sent, signed and stored before the starting day of your new staff. 

Make hiring completely paperless, stop chasing new hires for paperwork, welcome and empower them with online onboarding.

3. Using live data: 

Using cloud based software for onboarding and employee management means both you and your new hires can be confident you’re seeing the most recent and accurate information available. Reducing any chance of miscommunication and allowing you to make important decisions quickly. 

4. Easy employee self-service: 

Microkeeper encourages transparency and gives users full control of their data. If a staff member needs to amend any personal data like changing their banking details, they simply can, instantly. Our Employee Console allows staff to make changes, upload documents, sign policies, access payslips, request leave and clock on/off without any need to interrupt managers or payroll staff, keeping productivity flowing.

5. Online skill management: 

Manage the skills, training, licences, and competencies of your staff with our easy-to-use, online Skills Matrix feature. Store employee licences, certificates, and competencies and set reminders for staff and managers when skills are running scarce. Make skills "job-critical", ensuring staff without current qualifications can’t clock on without these mission-critical qualifications. Access a Skills Matrix for your company to analyse skill gaps or easily find employees with specific skills.

6. In-built VEVO Checks: 

VEVO Checks can now be done directly through Microkeeper for a minimal fee. Avoid the hassle of having to do these checks manually and be confident your new staff hold working rights in Australia.

 “With all the talk about the shortages in the labour force and the big intake of migrant workers coming to Australia, being able to do VEVO Checks within Microkeeper has proven to be a great tool to stay up to date and comply with foreign workers' right to work” said Evangelos Tepelidis from Essential Recruit PTY LTD after testing out our newest feature. Evan also added “it is a valuable addition, a new favourite and too good of a service to let go, especially for those with a large, fluctuating or seasonal workforce”.

7. Online timesheets: 

Communicating shifts can be labour intensive and inefficient with traditional methods. Microkeeper provides you with several options to accurately and securely create timesheet data. Avoid exhausting resources by using our timesheet calculator and have your shifts created, updated and continuously displayed in real-time. 

8. Automated rostering: 

With Microkeeper you get to access staff scheduling and multi-site rostering to fill shifts in seconds. Our AutoRoster feature is a rostering game changer that considers availability, skills, compliance provisions and budgets to build the perfect roster faster than an elf wrapping a present.

Save hours with automated online rostering, let employees indicate availability and interest through shift bidding, assign eligible staff and easily keep track of budgets.

You can also use rosters, tailored to incorporate seasonal changes or rotating shifts by cloning one of your templates, assigning available staff and making any necessary tweaks, all from your desktop or mobile phone. 

9. Easy exits: 

To finalise employing accounts you can mark them as inactive in a few clicks. Plus, there is an added cost saving with no need to pay all year for inactive employees in your account. Deactivate employees once their working season has concluded whilst still retaining their data for next year to easily reactivate them. 

And when the silly season rolls around next year, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you have the right processes in place to effortlessly increase your workforce. 

Let’s get going

So while you can't do much about a nation wide labour shortage, or knowing the quality or quantity of applicants you’ll receive. You can tackle the administration side of seasonal hiring by adding automation in order to subtract the hassle from your onboarding. An optimised onboarding experience will ensure your new hires can hit the ground running in their new role with confidence and enthusiasm and will hopefully be back again next year.

For help optimising your onboarding, book in a chat today. 

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