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Changing a Business ABN?

Author Samantha Haigh@Microkeeper
Category Payroll
Last Modified 19/06/2024

Changing your ABN in Microkeeper is potentially a time consuming and difficult process. 

You have to find a way to make a cut between one ABN's STP Reporting and the new ABN's. 

There are a few options on how to execute this change, we've listed them in recommended order below.  

Change ABN's at EOFY.

This is the Fastest, Cleanest, and Easiest option. When you change at EOFY all the Payroll Data from the historical year is contained to an old ABN, and then the new Financial Year in the New ABN. The change is simple and clean. 

However this isn't always possible, if not, there are three other options: 

Changing Payment Dates for Year To Date Data.

This keeps wage costs in each separate year, allowing the split between each ABN mid-year. 

However, you will have to adapt to having the Costs of the Year before the change in a historical year, to enable this split. 

New ABN claims cost for the Year To Date.  

This effectively cuts off the Wage Cost to the current ABN back at the start of the Current Fiscal Year. That wage cost is then attributable to the new ABN instead. 

Create a new Microkeeper Account

This is an entire new account to make the cut between the old and new ABN. 

This is our least recommend option, as your have to register a new account, and then enter in all Employee Details, Locations, Jobs etc,This is a large project,with a large amount of Manual Data Entry and can result in Human Error. 

For Assistance with changing your ABN, you can always contact our Support Team, on 1800 940 838