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How do I sign up for Beam Super Clearing House?

Author @Microkeeper
Category Superannuation
Last Modified 20/08/2017

How to sign up to Beam Super

Signing up to Beam can be done through Microkeeper.

Before processing super, you must first sign up to Beam Super through Microkeeper.

Navigate to Menu > Payroll > Super

Click the Setup Beam button to begin the sign up process.

an image of the Super - Beam page and the "Setup Beam" button users can click to sign up to Beam Super.

You will be navigated to the Beam sign up page.

Click the Start button to continue.

an image of the first page of the Beam sign up process

Completing the "Your details" section

The Your details section contains the Business information and key contact details.

These settings will already be prefilled with the Business Contact Information from your Microkeeper Global Settings.

Click the Next button on the bottom of the page to move on

Completing the "Payment method" section

The Payment method section is where to setup the method of payment for the superannuation clearing. 

The verified bank account from Microkeeper will already be configured.

Click the Next button on the bottom of the page to move on.

Completing the "Default fund" section

The Default fund section will allow you to select the nominated default super fund for employees who don't have a chosen or stapled super fund.

If you would like to make Australian Retirement Trust your default fund, click the Select Australian Retirement Trust.

If you would like to select your own default fund you can using the search tool. Search by either USI or ABN.

Click the Next button on the bottom of the page to move on.

Completing the "Terms and conditions" section

The Terms and conditions section details all the required Terms and conditions of the Beam Super service.

You must read and accept to:

  • Beam Product Disclosure Statement and Precision's Privacy Policy
  • Direct Debit Request Service Agreement
  • Participating employer of Australian Retirement Trust 

Click the Next button on the bottom of the page to move on.

an image of the beam super setup completed and a button to navigate back to Microkeeper