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Frequently Asked Questions

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what is the Access Control?

Access Control ensures users have appropriate access to the different modules in the organization. Each user can have their own individual Access Control configuration allowing a dynamic setup of managers with different roles and responsibilities.

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Employees > click Edit to enter the Employee Profile > Access Control

The Access control divided into two main Categories: Manager Options and Payroll/Admin Options. Each category contains a list of permissions that can be toggled on or off for individual employees or roles.

Manager Options - 

  • All Locations: Grants a manager access to all Locations in the organization.
  • Rosters: Allows access to the Roster Modules.
  • Display Costs: Displays the costs associated with rosters, such as pay rates and shift rules of employees.
  • Timesheet Access
    • Full Access: allows complete control over timesheets.
    • Read Only: limits to viewing only.
    • No Access: restricts any interaction.
  • Leave Requests: Allows full access to the Leave Modules.
  • Add/Edit Employees
    • Full Access: Allows adding and editing employee details. Areas of Employee Profile is restricted by what Access Control you have.
    • Add Only: Permits adding new profiles.
    • No Access: Prevents any modifications.
  • NFC tags, Fingerprints, Facial: Enables manager to assign NFC tags and enroll fingerprints or facial recognition details.
  • HR - Skills and Qualifications:
    • HR - Config: Allows the creation of skill sets and qualifications within the system.
    • HR - Full: Managers can review both pending and approved skills and qualifications.
    • HR - Review: Limited to reviewing pending submissions. Once approved, the manager cannot view them again.
    • HR - No Access: Managers cannot see or manage employee skills and qualifications.

Payroll/Admin Options - 

  • Payroll Access
    • Full Access: enables full payroll processing capabilities.
    • Medium Access: provides read-only insight.
    • No Access: denies entry to payroll information.
  • Jobs and Clients: Allows the tracking and management of Jobs and Client-related information.
  • Invoicing: Enables the creation and editing of invoices.
  • Activity Feed: Provides visibility into the activity feed for organisation events and actions.
  • Group Config: Manages configurations for different groups within the organization.
  • Reports: Grants access to Reports and Analysis modules. Reports shown will display based on other Access Control Settings.
  • Settings: Provides access to all settings within Microkeeper.
  • Files: Allows access to file management without the ability to delete files.