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How do I submit a Final STP submission for End Of Financial Year EOFY?

Author Dylan Wong@Microkeeper
Category EOFY
Last Modified 30/05/2024

Finalising STP (Single Touch Payroll) Reporting in Microkeeper

  1. Finalise your data for the year and ensure the following:

    1. All Payruns via Payment Date fall within the current financial year

    2. All Payment Data within the Payruns match your accounting suite.
      We suggest starting by matching tax values.

  2. Lodge the Final STP submission by entering the STP ATO Lodgment page of the last Payrun of the financial year.

    1. Navigate to Menu > Payroll > Payruns> Payslip > click STP Lodge on the locked Payrun

    2. Configure the "Prepare to Lodge" setting with:

      1. Select Final Payrun as Lodgement Type
      2. Select Submit as the Event Type

    3. Match total tax and total values to the accounting suite
      The data submitted is used to generate employee Payment Summaries which are used by employees to complete their Tax Returns.

  3. Confirm the lodgement if the data is correct.

The STP Log will state that your submission is marked as Final.

The ATO will confirm if the submission was successful, this typically takes about 5-10 minutes, but can take up to 72 hours.

The ATO requires businesses to lodge a STP finalisation declaration by the 14th of July*, which when submitted will allow employees to complete their tax return.

*Employees with closely held payees may have different finalisation due dates