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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Process Parental or Maternity Leave?

To process parental or Maternity leave, it's best to use our Extra Rules feature.

Follow these steps to add a new rule:

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Payroll Rules > Extra Rules > Click the Create New Rule button.

  1. Select Add New RuleĀ and enter the following settings:
    • Title: "Parental Leave". This title will help you to easily identify the rule when managing your payroll.
    • Employee: Select the employee from the drop-down list. It is important to ensure that the correct employee is selected so that the payment is made to the right person.
    • Type: Fixed. This type of rule ensures that a specific amount is paid for each instance of parental leave, regardless of the employee's regular pay.
    • Value: Enter the amount to be paid. This can be adjusted according to your company's policy or the relevant employment laws.
    • Multiplier: Ensure this is set to 1. This ensures that the full amount is paid for each instance of parental leave.
    • Classification: Select Extra to eliminate any Super and Leave Entitlements.
    • STP Category: Select Paid Parental. This category ensures that the payment is correctly reported via STP
    • Job Recording: Select the cost center if applicable.

  2. Once you have entered all the settings, click Add. This will save the new rule and it will be ready to use the next time you process payroll.