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Extra Rules

Extra Rules are used to create extra payments that the employee is entitled to.


Menu > Settings > Payroll Rules > Extra Rules

Why create extra rules?

Employees wages can vary greatly from week to week

Here are some possible configurations

Timeshift count

An employee can get an allowance for each shift they work or;

If they work at least x amount of shifts or;

If they work an exact amount of shifts.

Code lookup

Codes can be used to add a payment to the employee every time the code is present in the roster notes

This can be used for a variety of reasons

If you set the Name of rule as a code eg PB30, which could stand for Paid Break 30 min (Spaces not allowed)

For this example when an employee works through their break you can add the code PB30 to their note giving the employee an additional payment

Multiplier off clocked hours

The multiplier can be generated from the number of hours the employee has worked.

Selected Clock hours under Timesheet look up to activate this.

This is automatically done when payroll is processed

Creating an Extra Rule

The name of the rule will show up on the payslip.

Make sure all the names are unique to easily identify why they were added.

Below is an example of how you could fill this form.

Create extra rule

In this example a code PB30 is created.
It applies to all Bakers.
They will receive a percentage of their pay rate.
That percentage will be 0.5 as they are getting an addition 30 min on their wage.
They will receive this payment after 0 hours worked.
How many timesheet shift exist is NA.
The multiplier will be 0, because this will vary each week.
Classification is Normal, because this is time related employee will accumulate entitlements.

Each time PB30 is present in the notes in the calendar roster for that week that employee will receive half an hour extra pay.

Example on Tuesday and Wednesday this week Aaron worked through her break.
You enter PB30 as a note for those days on the roster calendar.
When payroll is processed 2 payments for Alice will be added to her payslip.

Use the i for more information on a field.

 Please note, any changes to shift / Rate rules must be confirmed by the delegated Payroll Officer.