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How to adjust an employees leave or entitlement balance?

Author @Microkeeper
Category Payroll
Last Modified 20/08/2017

Employees leave can be adjusted through the Previously Accumulated Field on an Employee Profile.

Calculate how many extra leave hours the employee has accrued, for example: 24 hours of Annual Leave

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Employees > click the Edit button for the effect employee

In the Employee Profile go to the Previously Accumulated area:

  • Adjust Year of Pre-Accumulated Data to current fiscal year. 
  • Adjust Pre Annual Leave to the value 24.

A negative adjustment can also be entered, for example: -36

Navigate to a recent unlocked payslip for the adjusted employee.

Click Recalc Leave located on the top of the employee's payslip.

This will now update the employee's balance with the adjusted leave.