Add an Employee

This guide will teach you how to add an employee and completely configure an employees settings.

You can also import employees from an existing system. Review our Export Employees from Previous System guide for more information.


Menu > Settings > Employees

Add new employee

On the Employees page, click the Add Employee button to bring up the Add Employee/User window.

Fill in the Add Employee/User Form. All details are required if they are available.

Screenshot of the 'Add Employee/User' module. It includes fields for personal information like 'Given Name', 'Surname', 'Employee Username', 'Email', and 'Mobile Number'. Information icons provide guidance on each field. Options to send login credentials via 'SMS' or 'Email' and a 'Clone From New' feature to replicate settings from existing users are also present. The 'Add Employee' button is at the bottom to submit the details.

Clone From

This quick configuration tool can be used to clone details from a similar existing user.

Included in clone:

Employee Welcome letter

Once you have added all your employees, you can produce a welcome letter that will introduce them to the Microkeeper system and inform them of their username and default password.

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Employees

Click the Welcome Letter button and Send Email to Everyone button to send a welcome letter to everyone who has never received a welcome letter. 


The welcome letter can also be sent out on a selective basis. 

  1. Select the tick box next to an employees username
  2. Click the Welcome Letter button
  3. Select either Send SMS to selected or Send Email to Selected


Complete configuration

When an employee is first added to the Microkeeper system, default values are pre-selected, this gives the employee the ability to starting clocking their hours.

Before their first payroll can be processed, the configuration of the employees account must be completed.

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Employee - Edit (For the newly added employee)

The configuration of the employee can be done as required.

The info dots i will explain settings in detail.

Note: It is recommended getting a bookkeeper or someone with an accounting background to help with the initial configuration. Additional Microkeeper offers guided training sessions