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Unworked Public holiday is not showing on the payslip?

Author Dylan Wong@Microkeeper
Category Payroll
Last Modified 21/06/2024

Check the Australia Public Holiday list to see if the public holiday is listed. If not, a Public Holiday date can be added on the Public Holiday Rules page.

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Payroll Rules > Public Holiday Rules 

Click Add Date and add the date of the public holiday.

Verify that the employee's roster aligns with the public holiday dates and did not work the public holiday date.

Public Holidays hours are calculated by using the employees Roster, deducting the Timesheet hours then applying the remaining hours as Public holiday hours.


Public Holiday entitlements are applied based on the timezone of the employee. Check the employees profile to ensure they are set to the correct timezone.

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Employees > click Edit for the employee> in the Employee Profile, under Address - Timezone.

Adjust the Timezone to the employees working State.