Leave and Unworked Public Holiday Payroll Processing

This guide explains how Leave and Unworked Public Holiday hours are added to the payslip.

Leave and Public Holiday are automatically added to a Payrun based on the employees Roster, Leave Request and Timesheet data.

Public Holiday payments are added to a Payrun based on the List of Australian Public Holidays maintained by Microkeeper.

For worked Public Holidays review the Worked Public Holidays guide


Leave and Public Holidays hours are calculated by using the employees Roster, deducting the Timesheet hours then applying the remaining hours as Public holiday and Leave Request hours.



Tue7.64Leave Request Start
Wed7.6NAPublic Holiday
Fri7.6NALeave Request End

Explanation of data

The employee is rostered for a 38 hour per week (5 x 7.6)

The employee worked a full day on Monday

The employee only work part of the day Tuesday then went on Annual leave for the rest of the week

There is an Annual Leave request from Tuesday until Friday

Wednesday was a Public Holiday


Mon and Tue at Basis rate 7.6 + 4 = 11.6

Leave overlaps 4 days of roster, less the public holiday and timesheet

Therefor Leave equals 7.6 x 4 - 7.6 - 4 = 18.8

Public Holiday equal 7.6

Payslip Breakdown

Basic Rate11.6$ 20$ 232
Public Holiday7.6$ 20$ 152
Leave18.8$ 20$ 376
$ 760

Must know facts

- Hours taken as Leave or Public Holidays count towards the employees Ordinary Time hours

- All staff must have an accurate roster

- An employee should be kept on the roster if they are going on Leave, there is a Hide check box on the roster to remove them from the budget and hide the shift from the employee

- The default times when requesting leave in Microkeeper are 00:00 to 23:59

Roster Options

There are 3 ways to roster an employee:

  1. Calendar Roster
  2. Static Roster
  3. Default Roster

Calendar Roster

The Calendar Roster is a week by week roster created for the individual staff member, this is typically used for shift workers and casual staff.

Static Roster

The Static Roster is a weekly fixed roster this is typically used for Full Time and Part Time staff that work a fixed working week.

The Static Roster can be assigned to either an individual or a selected group of staff.

Default Roster

The Default Roster is a fixed roster typically used for Salary staff or Full Time staff.

It is calculated by using the Standard work week field in the Global Settings-System Settings.

If the Standard work week field is set to 8 hrs the default roster will be Mon-Fri 9pm to 5:30pm with a 30 min break.

Which Roster will Microkeeper use

Microkeeper will first look for a Calendar Roster, if not present it will look for a Static Roster, if not present it will default to the Default Roster.

This means all staff will have a roster regardless of your configuration.

If your business sets both a Static and Calendar Roster for an employee you can force Microkeeper to use the Static Roster in the Employees Profile under the Static Roster field.

Static Roster

The Static Roster is best used to accurately document the Static or Contracted hours an employee is required to work.

The Static Roster can be configured in the Roster Template module. 

Navigate to Menu > Rosters > Roster Template > click the Manage Templates button.

Within the Manage Template sub menu, under Roster Templates, select the Static Roster Template.

The template designated as the Static Roster will have the identifer Static next to the edit button.

Image of the Static Roster highlighted in the Manage Templates sub menu

The Static Roster can be configured like any other Roster Template. See Roster configuration guide here.

Once the Static Roster has been set, it can be utilized as a possible Roster Option as mentioned previously in the guide

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Employees > Employee Profile > within Payment and Employment for Static Roster, set as Static Roster.

image of employee profile settings set to Static Roster

Requesting Leave

Requesting Leave is done by selecting a date and time range.

Only roster data that overlaps the Leave Request will go through to payroll.

Review the Leave Request guide for a full explanation from the employees perspective.

Requesting a partial day in Leave

Clocking staff

For staff that are paid from a timesheet, the hours clocked will be deducted from the roster, remaining hours will be paid as Leave.


James clocks from 8:45 to 10:45, goes home sick and fills our a Personal Leave request form for Monday, 00:00 to 23:59

James was rostered from 9:00 to 17:00 with a 30 min break.

James will be paid 5.5 (7.5 - 2) hrs Personal Leave

Salary Staff

Salary Staff are not paid from the timesheet, thus must also enter the start or end time


James goes home sick and Fill out a Personal Leave request form for Monday, 11:00 to 23:59

James was rostered from 9:00 to 17:00 with a 30 min break.

James will be paid 5.5 (17 - 11 - 0.5) hrs Personal Leave

Working Past Midnight

The default times when requesting leave in Microkeeper are 00:00 to 23:59.

A night shift worker is Rostered, for example Monday 22:00 to Tuesday 04:00.

The employee must make sure the date and time is at least wide enough to encapsulate the shift.

Example a Leave request from 30/07 20:00 to 31/07 04:00 would work.


Paying out Leave must be done payrun by payrun, therefore if an employee request multiple payruns worth of leave but the business has a policy to pay out all leave in the first payrun, this will need to be a manual amendment.

Microkeeper recommend is to change company policy as this is how the large majority of businesses process leave.

Viewing Calculation Results

On the employees Payslip is a Simulate button

Highlighted Simulate button on top of employee's payslip

When Simulate is clicked a payrun will run without saving the changes.


Simulate Payroll Results

Troubleshooting and fixing common issues

Running the Simulate button will help diagnose misconfigurations.

When troubleshooting your first step is to make sure the Roster Timesheet and Leave Requests for the employee are correct.

Troubleshooting Roster

Continuing on from the above example, we can see the Roster Type is set to Calendar Roster.

If this is incorrect, it can be change, review the Roster Options in this guide.

Review the hours if that is not correct fix in the roster as required.

Troubleshooting Leave Requests

If the leave request date range or times are incorrect, click the View button to review and make changes to the Leave Request.

Troubleshooting Timesheet

The Timesheet is a combination of the employees Timesheet, Leave and Public Holidays hours.

It's created by merging all 3 areas together.

If the hours are not correct, review the 3 areas as required.

Leave Loading incorrect or not included

Review the Leave Loading field in the Employees Profile.