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what is a rest step up in shift rule conditions?

Author @Microkeeper
Category Payroll Rules
Last Modified 20/08/2017

Rest Step Up is an advanced shift rule condition used to handle scenarios when employees do not get a sufficient rest period between shifts and requires an adjusted payment multiplier due to this. 

The Rest Step Up must be configured with an upper and lower limit hour threshold.
For example if you set a minimum 4 hours and a maximum 10 hours, the Rest Step Up shift rule would apply if the employee to any situation where an employee's time between shift is greater then 4 hours but less then 10 hours.
The lower limit is to handle any legitimate split shifts that an employee may work. 

Rest Step Up rules will override all other Shift Rules.

Below is a shift rule configured to pay 200% of the default rate classed as Overtime when an employees time between two shifts is greater then 4 hours but less then 10 hours.

an image of a shift rule configuration for advanced Rest Step Up condition