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Can you setup annualised salaries?

Author Samantha Haigh@Microkeeper
Category Payroll Rules
Last Modified 03/07/2024

The Shadows Payrun feature is an advanced extra module availiable for employees who are set as Salary in the system.

A section on the payslip will appear with any Timesheet calculations. This can used to compare the Timesheet hours to the Salary hours in the Reports area.
Navigate to Menu > Settings > General > Global > under Payroll Settings, select Shadow Payrun - Annualised Salary

image of shadow payrun feature option in global settings

An Employee can now be configured with a Rate Rule that will be used to compare against their salary hourly rate.
Navigate to Menu > Settings > Employees > edit the Employee > on the Employee Profile, under Payment and Employment - Salary

There is now an option to select a Rate Rule. Any Payroll Rules that affect the employee will use the selected Rate Rule rate. 

salary payment option with Shadow Rate Rule

A configured Shadow Salary employees payrun will now display two separate sections:

  • The greyed out section at the top calculates the Timesheet payrun with all Payroll rules applied.
  • The white section underneath is the standard Salary payrun.

an image of the payslip with shadow payrun enabled

The Shadow Payrun is designed to be used with the Shadow Comparison report.
Navigate to Menu > Payroll > Reports > open the Shadow Comparison report.

This report will break down each employee by each payrun with a comparison between the Normal salary calculation and the Shadow Timesheet calculation. 

an image of a Shadow Comparison report