List of Australian public holidays

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State Victoria
New South Wales
Australian Capital Territory
Northern Territory
Western Australia
South Australia

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  State Name Day Date Note
1 TAS New Years Day Mon 01/01/2024
2 TAS Australia Day Fri 26/01/2024
3 TAS Eight Hours Day Mon 11/03/2024
4 TAS Good Friday Fri 29/03/2024
5 TAS Easter Monday Mon 01/04/2024
6 TAS Easter Tuesday Tue 02/04/2024
7 TAS Anzac Day Thu 25/04/2024
8 TAS Kings Birthday Mon 10/06/2024
9 TAS Christmas Day Wed 25/12/2024
10 TAS Boxing Day Thu 26/12/2024

Microkeeper will not record the NSW Bank Holiday from 2023, this can be manually added if required.

South Australia and Northern Territory

South Australia and Northern Territory class Christmas Eve and New Years Eve as public holidays from 7pm to midnight.

Microkeeper does not list these public holidays as most businesses in these states close beforehand.

If you have staff working after 7pm a manual line can be added to the payslip.