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Employee Console

The employee console is the one stop shop where the employee can access all the information related to them.


Menu > Home > Employee console

You can access your Employee Console from any computer or device with internet access by logging on with your username and password.

From your employee console you can access all of your relevant information.

Employee Self Service

Employee self service provides the ability for the employee to enter all their details directly into their Microkeeper profile.

Many fields can be validated in real time, an email is sent to confirm email address, an SMS is sent to confirm Mobile number, Tax File Numbers can be validated using the TFN validation algorithm, etc.

The employee is also given an indication as to how complete their profile is. For example if an employee has filled everything but their TFN their profile will be 95% complete.

Microkeeper displays this completion status when the employee first logs in to help the employee get to 100%.

This helps reduce the need for the payroll department to chase up missing details.


This feature also helps in maintaining accurate data as some fields can be edited.

For example the employee can edit their own availability.

When a record is changed it's displayed in the activity feed.

Mobile Number

All valid mobile numbers that are currently stored will be considered verified.

A mobile number must be verified by the employee going forwards.

This will ensure SMS are sent to the correct recipient.


All email addresses must be verified by the employee.

Microkeeper requires this as a forgot password facility is being built, which will allow employees to reset their password using their email address.

If an employee doesn't have an email address, there are many free providers, our recommendation is Gmail, provided by Google.

Banking and super

Unfortunately, there is no way to instantly verify that a bank account or super fund details are accurate,

It's recommended that the employee produces supporting documentation (eg bank statement) for verification by the payroll department.

Fields list

Here is a list of fields that the employee can fill if missing or invalid, once they are filled, most fields can't be edited.

  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Next of Kin
  • Address
  • Tax file number
  • Availability (Can edit)
  • Super details
  • Bank details

Clocking on

If your employer has granted you access to, you can clock on and off directly from the employee console.

Clock On


 Check your Roster as soon as it becomes available.

Employee Console Roster


To view and download Payslips and Group Certificates

Select the current week or fortnight.

Android users please see troubleshooting section below.

Payslip access

Group Certificates

Manage Leave Requests 

Requesting Leave -

View in more detail at the leave request guide

Leave Requests

View your the status of your past and pending Leave requests

Leave Requests


From this page you can update your availability as soon as you become aware of the changes.


Message Payroll

Changed bank details or an error in your payslip?

Send a message directly to your payroll officer.



Issue viewing PDF payslips for Android users

The android app does not support the viewing of PDF files

You will need to access payslips within the browser.

A separate PDF viewing app must also be installed. Most handset manufacturers will include a PDF viewer.

If you require a PDF viewer or would like a better app, we recommend "Google PDF viewer" from the Google play store.