Locations are used to set up and manage distinct areas of work within the business. 

These can be physical locations like different stores, offices or work sites. Or they can be organizational structures such as departments, teams or project groups.


Menu > Settings > General > Locations

What are Locations used for?

Rostering and Workforce Management:

Multiple Locations can be set up to define different work areas or departments in the organization, allowing a clear breakdown structure to help manage the workforce.

Groups of employees can be assigned to specific locations to help streamline the rostering purposes.

Each Location can be allocated a corresponding color to help create visual distinction between locations.  


Clocking hours through Geofencing:

GPS coordinates can be configured to create a geofenced area where employees can clock in and out of their shifts. 

image of a geofencing example with a defined location latitude and longitude and allowed clocking area visually represented

Manager Designation:

Locations can be associated to one or many managers. Managers can be configured to only access the employees attached to their managing Locations such as handling, timesheet approvals, rostering or managing leave approvals. 

Job tracking:

A location can be assigned a job, if an employee clocks on at a location the job assigned to that location will be attached to that timesheet entry.

This allows the business to track how many hours have been worked at what location.

Creating a location

The only field required is the Title.

Use the info dots for more information about each field.

Add Location

Location Options

Deleting a location

To delete a location click the rubbish bin icon the the right side of the Location.

When a location is deleted it will be archived under the Deleted Locations list. Click View Deleted Locations to undo any deletions if required.

The deleted locations and relative roster data will no longer show up anywhere throughout the Microkeeper system.