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Skills Matrix

The Skills Matrix is designed to collect documentation from your employees, from 'Working With Children Check' to 'Drivers License' to any documentation required for employment.

Data Flow Model

Create a skillSkill submissionSkill reviewFile Manager
Skill ConfigEmployee ConsoleSkill ManagementFile Manager

The data flows through the model from left to right.

1 - Create a Skill 

             The first step is to create a skill that your staff will submit 

2 - Skill Submission

            Employees will follow your created instructions to submit their skills

3 - Review Skills 

          Approve, or Decline skills. You can also comment on them and review the files. 

4 -  File Management

         This includes downloading and viewing all the submitted documentation. 

Why create a skill?

If you require your employees to submit qualifications/documents such as a Working With Children's Check or a White Card,
you can have an archive of all their submissions attached to their Employee username.

Turning the Skills Matrix on

To turn the skills matrix on navigate to Menu > Settings > General > Global

Then under System Settings select Skills Matrix, scroll down to the end of the page and click Update.

Now you're ready to configure your first skill.

Turning On the Skills Matrix


Skill Configuration

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Skill Config

After navigating to the 'Skill Configuration' page. Create a new skill by selecting 'Add new skill

Select from common Templates.


Create a new skill using appropriate name (eg. Forklift Licence).

To add the new skill click Add skill.

Adding a new Skill

Edit Skill

On the left, you will see all the configuration settings for the skill.

The blue i  will give you a description of each point.

(1) Title: The Name of the Skill.

(2) URL: A weblink to a third-party resource that can be used to complete the skill.

(3) Group: The group of your staff that are required to complete this skill.

(4) Severity: How important is the collection of this skill.

(5) Docs Required: Do you require documentation to be uploaded for the skill completion?

(6) Attachment:  Is there an attachment for the employee to use to complete the skill? e.g. a Form to be completed?

(7) Expiry: Does this Skill have an expiry date? e.g. Forklift licenses require evaluation after 3 years. 

(8) Expiry Limit: What is the maximum length of time before the skill needs to be completed again? 

(9) Expiry Reminder: How long before the skill expires do you want to remind your employee that it expires and needs to be resubmitted?

Skill Configuration

Instructions to Staff

This area allows you to outline the instructions you wish to provide your staff with, on how to complete the chosen skill.

Along the top of this page are all of the word processing options, e.g. headings, bold, italic, alignment etc.

Hovering your mouse over the icons on the menu bar at the top of the editing window will cause more information about that option to appear.

Instructions to Staff

An Example:

Example of Instructions to staff set-up

Inserting Images

To insert an image click the icon of the mountains on the menu bar. This will open the image insertion box.
Then drag and drop the image into the box, or click to upload from a specific location on your computer

Inserting an image into a skill

Alternatively, you can click the chain icon to link a picture from an URL.

Inserting Links

To insert a link you can click the small chain icon and enter the URL of the link you wish to add, as well as what text you want the link to say.
You can also set the link to open in a new tab in their browser when the employee clicks on it.

inserting a link

Inserting Employee Profile Variables

Employee Profile Variables can be used as a dynamic placeholder for employee details. These placeholders will populate with values specific to the employee who is viewing the Skill. 

To insert an Employee Profile Variable, click the Hashtag (#) icon located on the toolbar. A list of the available Employee Profile Variables will display, simply click one of the variables to insert the placeholder into your Instructions to Staff. 

An image of the Employee Profile Variable button and the possible variable options in a drop down box.

Saving your work

When you have completed drafting the instructions, save your work by clicking the floppy disk icon on the far right of the menu bar.

Sacing the instructions to staff

Employee Skill Completion

Navigate to Menu > Home > Employee Console

Once a skill is made active, employees will be able to complete your instructions and submit required documents for approval from their Employee Console.

Employee Completing a Skill 

The instructions you create will be displayed above the box displayed below where the expiry date can be entered, documents uploaded, and any comments made.

When uploading documents you also pick the size of the document.

Attaching Documents to a Skill

Skill Management

Navigate to Menu > HR > Skill Review

On this page, a submitted skill can be commented on, edited, declined or approved. To view, the attached files click the eye icon (see red arrow) and it will open the file in a new tab for you. 

A skill can be submitted on the behalf of an employee as well, simply click Select a Skill, and the employee then click the  On behalf button on the left of the screen

File Manager

Navigate to Menu > Settings > File Manager 

The File Manager allows for searching, deleting and monitoring of all the files that are within the business Microkeeper account.

File Manager

Deleting a File

To delete a file click Delete Files button on the left of the screen, then click the trash can icon that appears next to the file you want to remove.