Processing Super Payments

This guide will explain how to make a super payment with Microkeeper via the Beam Super Gateway


Menu  > Payroll > Super

Signing up to Beam Super

Before you can process a super contribution through Microkeeper you will be required to sign up to Beam Super.

Click the Setup Beam button to begin the sign up process.

How to process a Super Contribution submission

A Super Contribution can be made on the Super-Process page.

Navigate to Menu > Payroll > Super > Process, click the Plus button to start a new Super Payment.

Selecting the period to process super payments for

Select the time period that the super payments need to be processed for.

The Period option can be used to quickly select a month or quarter.

super report filter with option to select 'Financial Year', 'Period', ''Date from', 'Date to' and 'Group'

After configuring the time period, click the Prepare Super Report button to generate the Super Contribution Report.

Making a Super Payment through Beam clearing house payment gateway

The super payment can be processed within the Beam Clearing House Payment Gateway

Confirm, enter the amount to be processed in the Enter amount to confirm box.

Review the Super Contribution Report, checking that:

Click the Reviewed button after everything has been confirmed and then click Pay Super to make the super payment.

Beam Clearing House Payment Gateway with the amount confirmed and pay super button available.

The data has now been sent to Beam who will debit the business bank account and send the contributions to the nominated superfunds.

Reviewing Super contributions

Past super contributions can be reviewed on the Super - Process page.

Navigate to Menu > Payroll > Super > Process

A list of previous contributions can be found under the Super Processing History section.

You can filter the contribution log by the financial year and by either Successful, Failed and All.

super proccess history filter options\

The log will detail:

the super processing history section with a list of contributions

Processing refunded super contributions

Super contributions that have been refunded can be reprocessed on the Super-Refunds page.

Navigate to Menu > Payroll > Super > Refunds

The Refunds page will list any contributions that have been refunded during the contribution process. This list can be filtered by financial year.

The refund will contain the information of:

an image of a list of refunded super contributions and the redo button next to each refund ready to be reprocessed

To reprocess the contribution click the Redo button.