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Break Rules

Break Rules are designed to automate the deduction of breaks from the payroll process.


Menu > Settings > Payroll Rules > Break Rules

Why create Break rules?

Break rules are used to automate the calculation required when deducting breaks from an employees shift.

Employees at ABC Engineering are entitled to
A 30 min break after 3 hours on shifts longer than 5 hours
An additional 30 min break after 6 hours on shifts longer than 8 hours


  • The breaks stack on top of one another
  • You can make employees select their own break (not recommended)
  • Difference groups can be on different awards
  • For a 38 hour work week create 24 min breaks Why? 38/5=7.6 hrs per day, Shift from 9am to 5pm = 8 hrs, 8-7.6=0.4 hrs break 60*0.4=24 min

Creating a Break Rule

Rules can be created to suit many circumstances.

Below is an example of how you would fill this form for the above example.

Create break rule

Use the i for more information on a field.

These rules are automated at the time of payroll.

 Please note, any changes to shift / Rate rules must be confirmed by the delegated Payroll Officer.