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  Timesheet Software
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  Timesheet vs roster
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  The payroll process
  A payrun
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  Break rules
  Deduction rules
  Extra rules
  Time in lieu
  Public Holiday

Leave request
  The leave request process
  Leave request review
  Leave payroll process

  Group Certificates
  Xero Integration

Other features

  Processing super

SuperChoice (Old process)
  Super clearing house
  SuperChoice setup
  Adding super fund
  Adding employees
  Super payment

  Employee console
  iPhone login
  Push notification
  Requesting leave

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Guide - adding partner logo to website

Adding the Microkeeper Partner logo to your website

This guide will explain how to embed the Microkeeper Partner logo into your website

Register a Microkeeper account, it's free for Developers/Accountant and Bookeepers Register

You must get permission from Microkeeper to use the Microkeeper Partner logo on your website

Ask your website developer to add the following 3 lines of code to your website

<div id="mk_logo" ></div>
<script src="https://microkeeper.com.au/js/partner.js"></script>
<script>window.onload = function() { mk_width=300; fill_div(); }; </script>

When complete the logo will look like this

You can scale the size of the logo by changing mk_width=300; to fit your website, the above example was set to 300