Add the Microkeeper Partner logo to your website

This guide will explain how to embed the Microkeeper Partner logo into your website.

Register a Microkeeper account, it's free for Developers/Accountants and Bookkeepers.


You must get permission from Microkeeper to use the Microkeeper Partner logo on your website.

Ask your website developer to add the following 3 lines of code where you would like the logo placed on your website.

<div id="mk_logo"></div>
<script src="https://microkeeper.com.au/js/partner.js"></script>
<script>window.addEventListener("load", mk_l,true);function mk_l(){ mk_width=300; mk_fill();}</script>

Successful Result

When complete the logo will look like this.

You can scale the size of the logo by changing mk_width=300; to fit your website, the above example was set to 300.

Other Logos

Microkeeper logo with slogan Roster Timesheet Payroll

Style Guide

Approved partners can also use Microkeeper branding in their marketing material.

Marketing material that includes Microkeeper trademarks must be approved in writing by a Microkeeper representative.

All marking material must comply with the Microkeeper Style Guide.