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Leave Request Process

This guide is a brief explanation of the leave request process, we recommend reviewing all pages under the leave request guide for a better understanding of this process.

Data flow model


 Request Leave

  Review Leave


 Payroll Process

The data flows through the model from left to right.

1 - Employee request leave

  • Employee fills a form in on their Employee Console to request annual leave or sick leave. They can also add supporting documentation after Leave request submission
  • Form is submitted for review by the appropriate person

2 - Review leave

A decision can be made by multiple people with the information at hand

  • Management can support a leave request
  • Current accrued leave is displayed
  • Comments can be added

3 - Accept/Decline

The person with the final say can then accept or decline a leave request

An accepted request will flow through to the payroll component

4 - Payroll Process

Accepted request will be appear in the payroll process

With one click all requests can be added to the appropriate employees payslip