Public Holiday Rules

Public Holiday payments can be added to payroll automatically based on a List of Australian Public Holidays


Menu > Settings > Payroll Rules > Public Holiday Rules

List of Public Holidays

Microkeeper maintains a full list of public holidays for all states in Australia.

Review this list by visiting the List of Australian public holidays page.

Additional Public Holiday dates can be added to Microkeeper. Skip or add a date on the Public Holiday Rules page and fill in the details.


Adding a public holiday payment for staff that did not work 

Review the guide Leave and Public Holidays for unworked public holidays.

Adding payments for Public Holidays that have been worked

Before an employee can be paid for working a public holiday we need to create a Public Holiday Rule that will comply with the award for your industry.

Click the Create Public Holiday Rule button to configure a new rule.

In this example, we are setting up a Worked Public Holiday Rule to pay a Full Time employees a 2.5x multiplier as Normal hours when they work on a Public Holiday date.

Key Values to configure:

worked public holiday rule configured to pay 2.5x multiplier

Add or Skip dates for Public Holidays

Public Holiday days can be customised within the Public Holiday Rules

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Payroll Rules > Public Holiday Rules

Under the Public Holiday Dates, click Skip Date or Add Date to customize the calendar days that the system recognises as a Public Holiday. 

Public Holiday Date customisation 

You can specify what Group, Employee or State this custom rule applies to.