Business Global Settings

The Global Settings allows you to set up and manage your business information, system preferences, and customize your module experience in Microkeeper.


Menu > Settings > General > Global

Configuring your Global Settings

Once you're in the Global Settings, you will find different sub-menus that cover various settings of Microkeeper. 


Business Contact Information

The Business Contact Information allows you to input and update your business information, such as business name, trading name, address, contact details and ABN. 

System Settings

The System Settings configures the system-wide preferences to customise Microkeeper to your organization needs such as work weeks, enabling additional modules, accounting suite integrations and checking your version of Microkeeper.

Roster Settings

Roster Settings enable you to customize the Roster module preferences with features like, shift bidding, roster confirmation, missing clock-on notifications, cost display on rosters, and editing permissions for locked rosters.

Timesheet Settings

Timesheet Settings allows you to configure the Timesheet Module in the system with preferences like rounding clock times, gps radius for clock-on locations, break management, and timesheet approval processes. 

Payroll Settings

Payroll Settings configures the Payroll Module including pay period, payment dates in arrears, payroll tax options, cost center breakdowns and payslip display options.

Super Settings

The Super Settings can be configured to adjust settings like superannuation rate, payment frequency, default funds, and minimum threshold for superannuation payments.

STP Settings

The STP Settings allows users to configure Single Touch Payroll details, including finding their ATO software ID and managing tax agent details for STP reporting. 

Entitlement Settings

The Entitlement Settings allow you to set up entitlement options such as annual leave, personal leave, and long service leave. You can also set up preferences for leave accrual, negative leave balances and leave payment methods. 

Managing your Microkeeper subscription

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Billing

Microkeeper has a monthly post-pay billing period, you will only be charged what what you have used in the previous month. Our Pricing Page can be viewed for our current pricing structure.

There is no lock-in contract or subscription, you can cancel at any time. View our Terms of Use for more information.  

Setup a payment option for Microkeeper subscription invoices

Your payment details can be updated on the Billing page. 

Under the Payment Details area you can add a new card by clicking the Add Card button.

Any cards stored can also be deleted in this area. 


All invoices are direct debited from your nominated credit card 5 days after the invoice date. 

Billing is processed by NAB Merchant Services and we accept Mastercard, VISA and American Express.