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Grouping Employees

You have the ability to group your employees, this guide will teach you how to group them and the benefits of doing so.


Menu > Manage > Groups 

If this option is not available you can activate it via - 

Menu > Settings > General > Global

Scroll down to System Settings 

Within System Settings, you must click on Groups (set to NA by default) 

Update the Global Settings at the bottom of the page by clicking the Update button

Why group employees?

There are many reasons you would want to group your employees, here are a few examples - 

Roster management

When creating an employee roster we can display all the employees from a particular group.

This gives us the ability to see who we have on for the day at each individual store.

If a manager is setting the roster for their employees they can display the employees that are important to them.

Assigning awards or payroll automation to select staff

In an organisation, the employees within can be entitled to different awards. 

We can create Groups for select employees and attach different awards to groups of specific employees to manage this.  

Performance analysis

Reports can be generated via Groups. Using the Group configuration we can create Groups for departments of staff to easily capture financial reports across an organisation.

Creating a group

To create a new Group, click the blue + button at the top of the Group List. 

A new Add Group window will appear:

Group Name: Set the name of the new group
Auto Add: Designate if any new employees will be automatically added to this Group.
Access: Groups can be limited to different areas:

Group ControlGroup UsageAccess required to add staff
AllUsed everywhereSettings, Payroll - Read Only
PayrollUsed in the payroll modulesSettings, Payroll - Read Only
RostersUsed in non payroll modulesSettings, Rosters
Self ManagedStaff can select the Groups they want to be inNo access required

 An image of the Add Group configuration window

Allocating employees

Once a Group has been created, employees can then be allocated to the new or existing Groups.

Select the Group to allocate employees by selecting the tickbox next to the Group name under the Groups list.

Multiple Groups can be configured at the same time.

Image of the list of Groups with a single Group selected.

Under Employee Allocation, click the blue Display button to start allocating employees to the group.
Filters are available to streamline the allocation process -

Status: Display between Active or Inactive employees
Employee: Display specific employees
Groups: Display a specific Group of employees

Select the box to the right of an employees name to assign them to the Group.

You can also use the "Change All" button, to Add or Remove all Staff displayed from the Group as well. 

If you are configuring multiple Groups, hovering over the selection box will indicate which Group you are configuring.

An image of the Employee Allocation area with the employee "Amy Thornton"