Roles within Microkeeper is a feature that allows you to assign an employee to complete a "Role" within your business, that can be reflected in Rostering and the Skills Matrix. 


Menu > Settings > General > Roles


To add your Role click the Add New Role button


Firstly, name the Role the employee will be fulfilling. Please note this will be seen by the employee when Rostered

Then you want to select which staff are able to fulfil this Role using the group drop down.
If when completing a shift rostered to this role, you need a specific Job applied you can select it here. 

Then if this Role requires a specific Skill to be completed, you will then assign that as well.
Once all the settings are complete change the status from "Draft" to "Active".


You then need to make sure you have assigned the Role to the locations they are required upon.
EG: The below Restaurant location has both Bartender and Chef roles assigned to it. 


Then this will update the Roster area as below, with Employee's being able to be Rostered as a Bartender or a Chef. 


Additionally, only staff who have been marked with their Skill Completed (in this case Responsible Service of Alcohol) will be in the "Available" area, all other staff are considered "Unskilled".
You can still select them, but it's clearly distinguished for Managers Reference.

Skills Configuration

Menu > Settings > Skill Configuration

There is also an option in the Skills Configuration that relates to the Roles.

This is the ability to restrict an Employee from clocking onto a shift on a specific Role until they have finished a Skill in Microkeeper.

EG: An Employee can clock on as Rostered as a Waiter without completing their Responsible Service of Alcohol Skill, but they cannot clock onto a shift where they have been rostered as a Bartender. 

To set this up, go to the Mandatory Skill for that Role, and select the "Critical Shift" severity.