Shift Rules

Shift Rules help automatically calculate pay based on the hours recorded in timesheets. You can set up these rules to match different work situations, like overtime or night shifts, ensuring that employees are paid correctly according to the hours they've worked


Menu > Settings > Payroll Rules > Shift Rules

Why create Shift Rules?

Shift rules are created to automate the calculation of overtime and other awards.

For example employees at ABC Engineering are entitled to:

John Smith clocked on at 9 am and off at 9 pm.


When payroll is run, the shift rules will be applied.

 Basic Hoursx1.5x2 

The above illustrates that 3 hours have been calculated at time and a half

and 1 hour has been calculated at double time.

This is all automatically done from the timesheet data and the shift rules.   

Creating a Shift Rule

Rules can be created to suit any circumstance.

Below is an example of how you would fill this form for the above example.

Double time after 8pm.

Shift Rules Set-upNote:

Use the i for more information on a field.

Breaks are included in the total hours, to create break rules review the Break rules guide

What is a step up?

A step up is when an employee performs a task beyond their usual tasks.

Step ups attract additional pay rates.

Shift rules can be created that will only apply when the employee is entitled to the step up.

Continuing from the above example.

When John Smith fills in for his supervisor he is entitled to an additional 15% pay.

We would need three shift rules with the following:

When we create the rules we need to give the rules a code, example:

The SU1 is the same for all rules, all characters up to the first space make up the code, this means all 3 rules will be applied if required.

To activate the step up option make sure to select true when creating the shift rule.

Create a step up

John Smith clocked on at 9am and off at 9pm.


John must leave a note attached to his timesheet entry containing SU1

When payroll is run, the shift rules will be applied.

 Basic Hours 1.15x1.75x2.3 

Only shift rules that contain SU1 will be applied, all other rules will be ignored.

This will automatically be applied and displayed on his payslip.