You have the ability to review Reports based off of your Payroll Data, this guide will show you which reports are available in Microkeeper.


Menu > Payroll > Reports 

Selecting Time Period

Before selecting a report you may want to select a time period, if not specified the system automatically will select the most recent Payment date to report on. 

On the left there is the Period selection, which allows you to refine aspects such as

It also displays which specific Runs you have within your specified filter. 

An image of the reports filter

NOTE: When selecting a time period, your Payruns are assigned by Payment Date 

Report Formats 

There are multiple report formats within Microkeeper:

Types of Reports

Payroll Summary

This report is each employee, and their total Cost To Business, Employer Super, Super, Additional Super, Total Expenses, Gross Taxable, Taxes, Net and Hours total for the period selected. 

Payroll Summary Report

Payroll Breakdown

This report contains, a more complex breakdown of the Payroll, listed by employee. It contains a breakdown of all the below Costs and Hours. 

Payroll Breakdown Report

Payroll Invoice

A customizable report used to display an invoice of payroll data. 

This can be broken down by Title, Date, Location, Role, Job or Class of the payslip items in the Payrun. 

Payroll Invoice for generating Payroll Journals

The Payroll Invoice report can also be used to allocate payroll data to General Ledger accounts. 

This is done by:

1. Click the Accounts button

2. Add new Accounts

3. Select Account for each Cost to Business using drop down box.

5. Enter a description

Payroll Employee by Run

Displays the Gross Taxable, Employer Super,  Salary Sacrifice, Employee Super, Tax, Net Basic Hours, Overtime Hours, and total hours, separated by each pay run over the period selected.

Payroll Summary by Run

Displays the total Gross Taxable Employer Super, Salary Sacrifice, Employee Super, Deductions, Tax and Net, separated by Run. 

Payroll Summary by Run


Displays all individual payslips for the Selected Period. 

Deduction Summary

This provides a summary of all deductions within the selected period, sorted by Title. Eg Child Support.

Deduction Summary Report

Employee Super Advice

The total of Employee Super for a period, by employee. (In the example below only one employee is selected)

Employee Super Advice Report 

Super Via Fund

Lists all employees and the amount of super paid within the selected period, by Fund.
This page is also used to Pay Super when HTML is the Format selected, please visit the Processing Super Guide, for more information. 

Super Via  Fund Report

Payroll Tax 

This report provides an estimation of the Payroll Tax over a monthly period. 

Payroll Tax Report

Change of Pay Rate

A list of your employee’s and the change in their Pay-Rate from within the current Pay-Runs over the selected period. 

Change of Payrate Report

Entitlement Breakdown

A breakdown of entitlements accrued by employees over the selected period. Including how many hours were accrued each payrun.

Entitlement Breakdown Report

Entitlement Summary

A summary of your employee’s entitlements by employee, then Opening Hours, how much was accrued during the selected period, the hours taken, the available hours and the Value. 

Entitlement Summary Report

Job Reports

All Job reports are available by viewing the Job and Cost Centre Guide 

Timesheet Export

You can export the Timesheet data as a CSV file

Timsheet Export Report