Roster calendar

This guide will demonstrate how to use the roster calendar page.


Menu > Rosters > Roster Calendar

Creating Rostered Shifts

Select the year and week to roster for.

Dates are organised by the fiscal year and week. The starting date of the fiscal week is visually indicated.

An image of the roster calendar date filter selection

Once the data has been selected, further filters can be set below the data filter. 

An image of the further rostering filters

After the filters have been finalised, click the Display button to begin rostering.

The Locations selected and any associated Roles will be visible. 

Click the Plus(+) button below the Location/Role you wish to create a rostered shift for.

A new empty rostered shift will appear. From here, details for the rostered shift can be entered. 

image of new rostered shift entry

Below is a breakdown of the rostered shift area

Shift input area breakdown 

  1. Add a new shift
  2. Delete the shift
  3. Drag a shift up or down
  4. Allocate an employee to the shift
  5. Start time of a shift
  6. End time of a shift
  7. (optional) Start time of the shifts break
  8. Job selection for the shift (NA when not applicable)
  9. Notes for the specific shift
  10. Hide the specific shift from employees roster review
  11. Highlight the Location and day (Mark it important) 
  12. Copy the specific shift
  13. Bulk copy shifts from the Location/Role
  14. Bulk select Job for the Location/Role
  15. Bulk add notes for the Location/Role
  16. Bulk hide shifts for the Location/Role
  17. Location name
  18. Role name

An image of a breakdown of the rostered shift with key legends

Graphical Breakdown

Rostered shift will also display a 24 hour graphical breakdown of the shift.

The graphic will display the duration of the shift on a 24 hour timeline including any Break Rules that will apply. 

A full Graphic Area breakdown:

  1. Weekly rostered total hours for the employee
  2. The light red area indicates times of day an employee has set their unavailability to work
  3. Clash with unavailable hours
  4. 24 hour graphical representation of the shift
  5. Change of colour indicates a multiplier change in pay rate
  6. Total hours for the rostered shift
  7. Total cost for the rostered shift
  8. Total hours for the entire Location/Roles rostered shifts
  9. Total cost for the entire Location/Roles rostered shifts


Unavailability on the Roster

There are 3 types of unavailable hours that will be displayed on the roster.
All unavailable hours are displayed in pink on the roster. If a set shift clashes with the unavailable hours it will be highlighted red.
Mouseover the pink areas to see why an area has been marked as unavailable.

image of a shift that clashes with the unavailable hours as highlighted as red

image of further details on unavailability reason

1. Weekly availability

In each employees profile you can set their available work hours.
For example every Saturday morning James plays football. We can enter this into his available hours.
If we roster him on during this time a clash will be displayed.
We might choose to roster someone else on or we might know James has a bye this week and choose to ignore the clash.

2. Previously set shifts

If an employee is rostered on from 8 to 12 then they will be made unavailable during that period for all other shifts.
If we try and roster them on during that period, a clash will be displayed.

3. Leave requests

An employee can request time off (annual leave, sick leave or unpaid time off). Leave requests will be displayed on the roster.
If you roster the employee on during their leave period a clash will be displayed.
Leave requests will only be displayed on the roster calendar.

Budgeting for roster

You can set a budget or hours goal for your roster template or roster calendar.

Roster budget


If you know how many hours it will take to complete a particular job you can aim for that.

The cost goal can be a budget target for a department or can be a projected income of the business.

With a target budget you can aim for a cost percentage less than 100% of the budget.

If a projected income is entered the cost percentage will be the employee wages as an expense of the business, example 35% might be a goal.

The hide costs button can be used to show/hide cost. This can be restricted to selected employees.

Finalising a Roster

Finalisation of a roster is done by locking the roster from changes. 

Once a roster has been locked, changes to the roster is disabled. 

To lock the roster, click the green Lock button on the top of the Roster Calendar page

image of the roster calendar lock button

Employees will be able to access the week's roster once it has been locked. 

Unlocking the roster will remove access for the employees and make the roster editable once again.

image of the unlock button on the roster calendar page

Push notify employees

A push notification can be sent to rostered employees to let them know the roster is available. 

This will be sent to any employees who have the Microkeeper app installed on their mobile device

Image of the Send Push Notification window

Click the grey "All" button to send a push notification to all rostered employees.

Alternatively, click the blue "Changed" button to send a push notification to employees who have had their rostered changed in the current session.

A Notification that their Roster will be sent to their mobile device

microkeeper app notification with notification text of "Microkeeper - Roster for week 34 available""

Cloning the Roster

A roster can be reused in future weeks with the clone tool.
Click the "Clone Roster" button.
A new window will open asking you to select where to clone the selected roster to:

Click the "Clone" button

Image of the Clone Roster from selected window

The roster will now be cloned to the selected week/template

Viewing Current Day's Roster

Navigate to Menu > Home > Control Panel

Roster manager's can view a locations roster on the Control Panel.

Todays Roster

Exporting the Roster

There are multiple options for exporting a roster out of Microkeeper from the Roster Calendar page

Navigate to Menu > Rosters > Roster Calendar

Dynamic Print Display

Click the Print HTML button to open up the Dynamic Print Display roster.

Click the cog button to adjust the different display options to customise your roster. 

A picture of customising the dynamic print display roster

Once happy you can print out this roster or save the roster as a PDF.

Press Ctrl+P (PC) or Command+P (Mac). This opens the Printing window. A preview of the printed version of the page will appear.

Select a specific printer or Save as PDF

Export the roster to Excel

Click the Excel button to download the currently viewed roster to a .csv file

Static Print Display

Click the PDF button to generate the static print display roster

Press Ctrl+P (PC) or Command+P (Mac). This opens the Printing window. A preview of the printed version of the page will appear.

Select a specific printer or Save as PDF