Roster calendar

This guide will demonstrate how to use the roster calendar page.


Menu > Payroll > Rosters > Calendar

Creating a roster calendar entry

Roster calendars are created from a roster template.

Review the Roster template guide, before proceeding.

Each roster template is identified by the name of the template.

Each roster calendar is identified by the year and week.

Editing a roster calendar

Select which week of the fiscal year you would like to edit.

Selecting roster calendar

Select roster period

The editing process for a roster calendar is exactly the same as the process for a roster template.

Making your roster available to your employees

Once you are happy with a roster you can lock it.

Lock / Unlock roster calendar

Lock-and-Unlock Buttons

By locking a roster calendar you disable the ability to make edits to that week's roster.

The employees will also be able to access this week's roster once it's locked.

Unlocking the roster will remove access for the employees and make the roster editable once again.

Viewing Current Day's Roster

Menu > Home > Control Panel

Roster manager's can view a locations roster on the Control Panel.

Todays Roster

Exporting the Roster

There are multiple options for exporting a roster out of Microkeeper from the Roster Calendar page

Navigate to Menu >Rosters > Roster Calendar

Dynamic Print Display

Click the Print HTML button to open up the Dynamic Print Display roster.

Click the cog button to adjust the different display options to customise your roster. 

A picture of customising the dynamic print display roster

Once happy you can print out this roster or save the roster as a PDF.

Press Ctrl+P (PC) or ⌘ Command+P (Mac). This opens the Printing window. A preview of the printed version of the page will appear.

Select a specific printer or Save as PDF

Export the roster to Excel

Click the Excel button to download the currently viewed roster to a .csv file

Static Print Display

Click the PDF button to generate the static print display roster

Press Ctrl+P (PC) or ⌘ Command+P (Mac). This opens the Printing window. A preview of the printed version of the page will appear.

Select a specific printer or Save as PDF

Shift Bidding

AutoRoster and Shift Bidding are two ways to assign staff to open shifts. With Shift Bidding you offer staff the option to show interest in working the selected shifts by “bidding”, while AutoRoster won’t need the staff interaction, instead it automatically takes into consideration who is available and eligible to work and suggest a roster allocation based on this information.

Create an Open Shift

To open a shift for bidding, the shift must be set as Open under the Allocation area.


The Convert tool can be used to quickly convert Rostered Shifts to a specific status of Allocation.

  Auction > Convert


Create an Auction

Open shifts can be auctioned to staff for shift bidding or they can be automatically assigned to eligible staff with AutoRoster.


Auctions can be created using the Auction Tool.

  Auction > Create

Select the Date Range of Rostered Shifts to Auction.


Select an Automated auction for AutoRoster or a Staff Bidding auction for Shift Bidding.


Choose the notification options to notify staff of a roster auction if Staff Bidding has been selected.


Select the option to create the auction live now, or make the auction live at a specified date. 

set auction live date

Simulate the Auction with your selected settings and confirm the Auction details.


Staff can be selected or deselected for the Auction within the Eligible Bids section.


Ineligible Bids can show the staff members who are locked from participating in the Auction. 

Confirm the Auction by clicking Create.

Reviewing an Auction

The progress of an Auction can be reviewed at anytime.

Open the Auction Review Tool to review the progress of an Auction.

  Auction > Review 


Assign Staff to an Auction

Staff who have bid on an Auction can be selected to be assigned to an Auctioned Shift.

Open the Auction Assign Tool to assign staff to Auctioned Shifts.

  Auction > Assign 

Staff can be assigned to Auction Shifts manually or by using the Auto Roster Suggestion feature.

Automatic Roster Suggestion

Microkeeper can automatically build a roster suggestion based on preset parameters. The selected parameters will impact the staff assigned to the open shifts.

Bidding Pool Priority 

Protected Hours

Selected hours before and after a staff members shift can be protected from being auto assigned

Approved Weekly Overtime

Select the number of acceptable Overtime hours in a week for staff members.

Manual Staff Assign

Click the switch staff button to select a specific staff member to work the selected shift.


Once you have confirmed the assignment for your shifts, click Assign Staff to finish the assignment process.