Roster calendar

This guide will demonstrate how to use the roster calendar page.


Menu > Payroll > Rosters > Calendar

Creating a roster calendar entry

Roster calendars are created from a roster template.

Review the Roster template guide, before proceeding.

Each roster template is identified by the name of the template.

Each roster calendar is identified by the year and week.

Editing a roster calendar

Select which week of the fiscal year you would like to edit.

Selecting roster calendar

Select roster period

The editing process for a roster calendar is exactly the same as the process for a roster template.

Making your roster available to your employees

Once you are happy with a roster you can lock it.

Lock / Unlock roster calendar

Lock-and-Unlock Buttons

By locking a roster calendar you disable the ability to make edits to that week's roster.

The employees will also be able to access this week's roster once it's locked.

Unlocking the roster will remove access for the employees and make the roster editable once again.

Viewing Current Day's Roster

Menu > Home > Control Panel

You can also view the current day's roster on the Control Panel. 

Today's Roster