Microkeeper Biometric Timesheet Software

Microkeeper Timesheet Software allows employees to clock their worked hours using Fingerprint or NFC tag technology.


Version 1 Released 01/10/2016

Version 2 Released 31/03/2017

Version 3 Released 14/06/2017


PC running windows 7, 8, 10Windows 7 8 10

Reliable internet connection
Reliable internet

Fingerprint scanner or NFC reader with NFC tags

Setup process

If upgrading from version 1 you must uninstall version 1 before proceeding

Uninstall the following - Digital Persona RTE, Maxthon, GoToTags and Java

Connect either the fingerprint scanner and/or the NFC reader to the PC

Download the installation software using the link above

Run the installation file, clicking next at each question

Run Microkeeper, Right click > Pin to the start bar

Pin to start bar

User Settings

Username The Username of the Business


If the hours worked need to be assigned to Jobs enter the Job ID
Menu > Jobs > Jobs
Mouseover the ID column to get the Job ID
Multiple Usernames

Enrolling a new fingerprint

From the Menu select Enroll Employee

Enrolling employee fingerprints

Scan the right index finger 4 times

To get a good scan place the finger high on the glass panel and press down firmly

The larger the surface area of skin the better the scan will be

Repeat for the left index finger as a back up

A link will be provided so we can assign this finger to an employee

Fingerprint Scanner

Adding an NFC tag

Place the NFC tag on the reader

If the tag ID can't be found the ID will be added to the database

Assigning a fingerprint or NFC tag to an employee

Login to the Microkeeper website

You will need access to manage fingerprint which can be set in the employees profile

Menu > Payroll > NFC & Fingerprint

Employee Fingerprint Allocation

Use either the link from the Microkeeper Timesheets app or the temporary ID number, to identify the employee

Select the employee and click Set

Clocking on and off

Open the Microkeeper Timesheet software.
Fingerprint Timesheet Software Clock On

Place finger on scanner or place NFC tag on NFC reader

If successful the employee will be clocked on or off

If unsuccessful an error message will be displayed

Feel free to call Microkeeper if you have any issues



The condition of the fingerprint reader affects its ability to obtain a good quality scan of a fingerprint. To maintain the fingerprint reader, the oval window should be cleaned periodically as follows: 

Damaged Scanner

How can you determine if the fingerprint scanner has been damaged?

Example Damaged Microkeeper Fingerprint Scanner

Both scanner were in operation for 2 years.

The scanner on the left is cloudy, is has been cleaned with a corrosive that has damaged the scanning window, it will not be able to detect fingerprints.

The scanner on the right is clear, it's working as expected.