Microkeeper Biometric Timesheet Software

Microkeeper Timesheet Software allows employees to clock their worked hours using Fingerprint or NFC tag technology.

Important information before you begin

Windows PC Requirements

 PC running windows 7, 8, 10 or 11Windows 7 8 10

 Reliable internet connection
Reliable internet
 Fingerprint scanner or NFC reader with NFC tags

Downloading Microkeeper Timesheet Software

Download x64
Download x86

Installing and setting up the Microkeeper Timesheet Software

Run the Microkeeper Timesheets installation software after downloading.

Proceed through the Microkeeper Timesheets Setup Wizard.

Microkeeper timesheets setup wizard app window

Connect either the Fingerprint Scanner and/or the NFC reader to the PC.

Run Microkeeper, Right click > Pin to the start bar

Pin to start bar

Configuring the User Settings

Click the hamburger Menu on the top right to open the menu options > click Settings

navigating to the settings page via the menu


In the User Settings window configure -

Enrolling an Employee to the Microkeeper Timesheet Software

First time employees must be enrolled to the Microkeeper Timesheet Software. There are different instructions depending on their clocking option.

Enrolling a new Fingerprint for an Employee

Click the    menu > Enroll Employees

An "Enrol New Fingerprint" window will pop up prompting you to scan the employees fingerprint.

For comfort and reliability, it is recommend that you use the index finger. 

  1. Place the entire pad of your finger not just the tip or the side of your finger on the centre of the oval window of the fingerprint reader. 
  2. Apply steady, even pressure on the oval window. Do not roll or swipe your finger
  3. Hold your finger on the oval window until you see the light under the window blink. This indicates that the fingerprint reader has scanned your fingerprint. 
  4. When the light blinks, lift your finger from the oval window. If the fingerprint reader scans your fingerprint, as indicated by the blink, but the Microkeeper software does not authenticate you after several attempts, try re-enrolling your fingerprint. 


Once the fingerprint has been successfully scanned, an "Enrolment Successful" window will display a match ID.

See "Assigning a fingerprint or NFC tag to an employee" on instructions on how to allocate the match ID to an employee.

Fingerprint Scanner

Enrolling a NFC tag to an employee

Place the NFC tag on the on the NFC reader. 

Once the NFC tag has been successfully scanned, a "NFC tag added" window will display a match ID.


Assigning a fingerprint or NFC tag to an employee

Login to the Microkeeper website

You will need access to manage fingerprint which can be set in the employees profile

Navigate to Menu > HR > NFC & Fingerprint

Employee Fingerprint Allocation

Use either the link from the Microkeeper Timesheets app or the temporary ID number, to identify the employee

Select the employee and click Set

Clocking on and off with Microkeeper Timesheet Software

Ensure the Microkeeper Timesheet software is open and running.

Fingerprint Timesheet Software Clock On

Place finger on scanner or place NFC tag on NFC reader                               

If successful the employee will be clocked on or off

If unsuccessful an error message will be displayed

Feel free to call Microkeeper if you have any issues

Setting up Multiple Organisations

Timesheet software can be configured so employees across multiple Microkeeper organisations can clock in from the same Fingerprint scanner.


User Settings configuration for multiple organisations

When configuring the User Settings of the Timesheet software, set the Username with organisations separated by an "@" symbol.


 Username: org1@org2

A setup like below will allow employees from both "org1" and "org2" to clock in from the same fingerprint scanner.

Configuration of User Settings of the Timesheet Software with Username set as "org1@org2"

Important note on assigning Fingerprints with a multiple organisation configuration

When the Timesheet software is configured for multiple organisations, assigning fingerprints to employees will not be available

Instead you will need to reconfigure the Username under User Settings to a single organisation to assign the fingerprint to that employee. 

Troubleshooting the Fingerprint Scanner

Maintenance of the Fingerprint Scanner

The condition of the fingerprint reader affects its ability to obtain a good quality scan of a fingerprint. To maintain the fingerprint reader, the oval window should be cleaned periodically as follows: 

Damaged Scanner

How can you determine if the fingerprint scanner has been damaged?

Example Damaged Microkeeper Fingerprint Scanner

Both scanner were in operation for 2 years.

The scanner on the left is cloudy, is has been cleaned with a corrosive that has damaged the scanning window, it will not be able to detect fingerprints.

The scanner on the right is clear, it's working as expected.