External Calendar

This guide will demonstrate how to Sync your Microkeeper Roster Calendar to your external Calendar.

Microkeeper lets you connect an external calendar so that the rosters you manage can be viewed from other calendars like iCal and Google Calendar.

You can connect to any calendar that allows you to subscribe to an iCalendar.

When a change is made to the roster, keep in mind is that there may be a delay before the change appears in the external calendar.

Please note: Leave displayed in the Calendar from MK will not be displayed in external calendars.

Below you will find step by step instructions on syncing your calendar with iPhone, Mac, Google, and Outlook.

Managers Navigate

Menu > Payroll  > Calendar

1.Click on the learn more button

External Calendar



Menu > Home > Roster

1. Click on the Learn more button

External Roster

2.Select your Location. This will give you your unique URL for your personal calendar feed.

Below is an example of what this looks like.

Get External Calendar URL

3.Copy the URL provided

Please keep this URL secure, as anyone with this address can subscribe to your calendar.

Connecting to iPhone Calendar

1.On your iPhone, find the Settings app.

iPhone Settings

2.Find the Mail, Contacts, Calendars setting.

iPhone Mail Contacts Calendars

3.Select Time Zone Support.


4.Make sure that Time Zone Support is turned on. This ensures that event dates and times on your calendar will always display in the selected time zone.

If it's turned off, your events will display according to the time zone of your current location.

iPhone timezone on

5.Go back to the main calendar settings, and click Add Account.

6.Select Other.

iPhone Calendar Add Other

7.Go to Add Subscribed Calendar.

8.In the Server field, type in the URL for your External Microkeeper Calendar and then click Next.

(The address is quite long, so you may find it easier to log into Microkeeper on your iPhone, copy the address,

and then go back to Settings on your iPhone and paste the address directly into the Server field.)

iPhone Calendar Add URL

9.Edit the description of your calendar (this is optional) and click Done.
Iphone rename

iPhone Calendar Change Name

10.Your calendar will now display as one of the Subscribed Calendars on your iPhone.

11.Now, go to your Calendar app and select "Calendars" from the bottom.

You should now see your new Microkeeper calendar under the heading that says Subscribed.

Please Note: if you upgrade to a new iOS (the iPhone's operating system), you may experience a broken sync.

If this happens, remove the subscribed calendar and repeats the steps above to get the sync set up again.

Connecting to Mac Calendar

1.Open Calendar for Mac.

Open Calendar Mac

2.Go to the File menu and choose New Calendar Subscription. 

Mac Calendar Add New

3.Enter the calendar URL for your external Microkeeper calendar . Then press the Subscribe button.

4.Configure your calendar by choosing a name and setting the auto-refresh period.

We recommend every hour (this means that your Mac calendar will check for any roster changes every hour). Then choose "OK."

Mac Calendar Change Name

5.After a few seconds, your calendar should be ready and will show up in your list of "Other" calendars.

Connecting to Google Calendar

1.Sign in to your Google account.
Google signin
2.Go to your calendar, and select Other Calendars. From the menu, choose 'Add by URL'.
Google Calendar Add
3.Enter the calendar URL for you External Microkeeper Calendar, and then select Add Calendar.

Google Calendar Add URL

4. After a few seconds, your calendar will appear on the left side of the page.

Google Calendar

5.Rename the calendar by selecting Calendar settings.
Google Calendar Settings

6.Enter the correct name in Calendar Name field, and click Save.
Google Calendar Change Name
7. When you go back to your calendar, it will now display under the name that you have just set up and your Roster should be available.

Connecting to Outlook

1. Open up Outlook. 

2. At the bottom left you can toggle between your Mail and Calendar. 


3. Right-click other calendar and select Add Calander > "From Internet..."


4. Copy your key from before and select 'Ok'.


5. Clicking Yes allows Outlook to always have the latest version of your roster. 


6. Hovering over a shift will give you the following