VEVO Checks

This guide will instruct you on how to perform VEVO checks when hiring new staff or for existing staff.

Turn On VEVO checks

VEVO Checks can be turn on from the Global Settings

Menu > General > Global

VEVO Check Requirements

The following fields are required by staff for a VEVO check:

  1. Full Name
  2. Date Of Birth
  3. Passport or ImmiCard number
  4. Overseas Country

These 4 fields are completed during onboarding.

Microkeeper also requires the TFND (Tax File Number Declaration) to be complete before a VEVO check is performed.

VEVO Check During Staff Onboarding

Staff can complete a VEVO check during their onboarding process.

To trigger a VEVO check one of the following must happen:

The employee will then be presented with a VEVO Check form:

Vevo Check Form

The VEVO Check is performed in real time and a response provided.

VEVO Check Response

If a record is found the employee can close the form, if not they can try again.

Historical VEVO Checks

Administration staff can also complete a VEVO check on an employees behalf.

Navigate to Menu > HR > VEVO Checks > click "Add Vevo Check"

  1. Select an Employee to check
  2. Select the Documentation Type
  3. Enter the Document Number

Admin VEVO Check Form

Reviewing VEVO Checks

Administration staff can review VEVO checks.

Menu > HR > VEVO Checks.

The HR manager should periodically review the VEVO Check responses.

There are many different types of Visas, Microkeeper will attempt to interpret the response and decide if the employee has the right to work in Australia.

Visa response working entitlements

Monitoring Changes to Visas

Some staff are eligible to work indefinitely, others are only eligible for 3 months or until the visa expiration date, after which another VEVO check must be completed.

Microkeeper will automatically make these future checks and if a change is detected this will be flagged for review.

Microkeeper will perform these additional automated checks at the start of each financial quarter.

Dealing with Inaccurate Data or Suspected Fraud

Staff might either accidentally or maliciously select the incorrect option, bypassing the VEVO check.

If you suspect this has happened then VEVO can be made a requirement of onboarding.

To do this set the Overseas Country in the Employee Profile.

This will make the VEVO check a requirement of onboarding and the employee can not change the Overseas Country once set.

VEVO Check Overseas Country fixed

The ATO will also inform the employer if the incorrect option was selected on an employees TFND, which is another fail safe to help identify incorrect data.

ATO incorrect TFND made