Reviewing Leave Requests

This guide will demonstrate how to review leave requests including accepting, declining and leaving a comment as well as the different levels of management.


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Before reading this guide

We recommend reviewing the Requesting leave guide first to be aware of the process to be undertaken by the employees

Reviewing Leave

Once an employee has made a Leave Request, the manager of that employee has the ability to Approve or Decline the leave.

A Leave Request will be colour blue if an action is required, or gray if the Leave Request has already been reviewed.

Click Review to see all the review options.

It is not critical that the hours the employee has requested to be accurate, what's important is to ensure the date and time range is accurate.

When payroll is processed the hours will be calculated using the employees Roster and Timesheet data, not the hours requested by the employee.

Review the Leave and Public Holidays guide to learn how the hours are calculated.

Somethings to consider when approving leave are:

There are 3 stacks of information to help review a Leave Request

Leave form values and Accrued balances

Personal Leave Request

Overlapping Leave Requests

Overlapping Leave Requests

Past Paid Leave

Past Paid Leave

Once the request has been reviewed there are 4 actions:

As depicted by these 4 buttons:

Accept, Decline, Edit, Note Leave Request

An employee could also remove a Leave Request which should go through the same approval process.

Leave Requests can be in 6 different statuses

IDStatus titleDescription
1Request pendingThe employee has submitted a request for leave form via the employee console
2Remove request pendingIf a request has been accepted, the employee has to request to have it removed, this option is only available to the leave request
3Request acceptedSomeone with access has accepted the leave request and it will be sent to payroll
4Request declinedSomeone with access has declined the request
5Payrun processedThe request has been processed through payroll, no further action required (This one is no longer in use with Leave 2.0)
6Employee removed requestThe employee has removed the request, the employee might have made a mistake thus had to remove the request and fill a new form before a request is accepted the employee can instantly remove the request.

Note: The system is designed to complement your current process, businesses will use this feature in different ways depending on how their management is layered and what their current processes are.