MYOB Integration

Payroll data generated by Microkeeper can be imported as a journal entry to MYOB 

Table of Contents

MYOB Configuration

Weekly Process

Additional Notes

Global Settings

Navigate to Menu > Settings > General > Global > under System Settings, Integrate Accounting Suite - Select MYOB


Navigate to Menu > Reports > on the reports page, Select desired period and generate the Payroll Invoice MYOB - HTML report.


MYOB Reports

MYOB Configuration

Firstly you will need to enter your accounts from MYOB.

On first time integration, you will need to configure which figures you want to send to which Accounts.

This is done by:

1. Click the Accounts button

2. Add new Accounts

3. Select Account for each Cost to Business using drop down box.

5. Enter a description - this will appear on the MYOB invoice (you must enter a description).

 Adding new MYOB Accounts

Setting up MYOB Report

Save MYOB Settings.

Save Settings button

The above configuration will work for many scenarios. 

Weekly Process MYOB

On a weekly basis, it's required to download and import the MYOB File, into your system. 

1: Download your MYOB File.

Download MYOB File

2: Now you'll have to import as a Journal to MYOB. In MYOB go to File > Import Data > Transaction Data. (If using Account Right, go to Import/Export Assistant, then select Import Data. Click Next, and Select Transaction Journal)

MYOB Importing reports

3: Select Comma Separated and Header Record.
MYOB Import File

4: Match import fields, by clicking the Import field and then the matching MYOB Field. 

Import Fields MYOB

5: Click import and you're done, go grab a cup of tea!

Additional Notes

We recommend using your bookkeeper and contacting the Microkeeper team to help with the initial configuration.

Once set up this process can be done in a couple of minutes.

Please Note: All names for values MUST be different.
If a new name for a value appears, this will have to be added to the appropriate account, this is likely to occur with following weeks.