Custom Reports with Report Builder

Custom Reports in Microkeeper allow you to create tailored reports that suit your specific business needs. Using the Report Builder, you can define custom parameters and filters to generate precise reports for detailed analysis. 


Navigate to Menu > Payroll > Reports > Report Builder

Creating a new Custom Report

Click the "+" button to begin creating a new report.

Enter a descriptive title for your report

Click the Create Report button to confirm and proceed to configuring the report in detail.

gif of creating a new custom report

Configuring the Custom Report

The configuration process is divided into several steps, allowing you to customize the content and layout of your report extensively.

Step 1: Configuration

In the configuration step, you set up essential details of your Custom Report, defining how data is collected and presented. This includes:


Step 2: Columns

In this step, you select and organize the data columns that will appear in your report. This determines the structure of the information presented:


Step 3: Rename Columns (Optional)

This optional step allows you to customize the column headers in your report for clarity or to meet specific data presentation requirements:


Step 4: Filters (Optional)

This step allows you to refine the data included in your custom report by applying specific filters. Use the Query Builder to set conditions that the data must meet to be included in the report:


Generating a Custom Report

Once you have created and configured your Custom Report, they can be found on the Reports page.

Navigate to Menu > Payroll > Reports > Custom Reports

Select the Time Period

Before selecting a report, you may want to specify a time period. If not specified, the system will automatically select the most recent payment date.

Period Selection: Allows refining aspects such as:

The Related Payruns filter will display specific runs within your selected criteria.

Note: When selecting a time period, payruns are assigned by payment date.

image of reports filter

Select and view your Report

Once the time period is selected, you can proceed to choose and view your report based on your selected criteria of Payruns.

On each report you can either select to export the report format as:

If you wish to print the report, view the report as HTML and then click the Print button.

selecting and viewing a custom report