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Requesting Leave

This guide will demonstrate how to request sick leave, annual leave and time off.


Menu > Home > Employee Console

Requesting leave

Click the Request Leave button to start your leave request application.

Select the Type of leave you wish to apply for.

All leave type options

Personal Leave

Annual Leave

Long Service Leave


Time Off Request

Compassionate Leave

Submitting a Leave Request

Make sure you review the Leave terms and the leave policy of your employer

Start: The first date of your leave request

End: The last date of your leave request

Hours calc tool and Total Hours: Used to estimate the hours taken per day. Not the final balance taken.

Roster: Estimated rostered hours over the requested period

Dr Certificate (Personal Leave only): Notify management if you will be getting a Doctors Certificate

Leave Terms: If you agree to the Leave terms (Make sure you review the Leave terms and the leave policy of your employer


Comment: Leave a comment to management if needed

Final Balance(Annual Leave only): An estimated final balance after the leave has been applied.Current + Predicted - Requested = Final Balance

an annual leave form

How to upload a Dr Certificate (or any file)

Once you have successfully submitted your Personal Leave request, you can attach a file to the request through the Employee Console.

Navigate to Menu > Home > Employee Console > Leave Requests

Expand the Pending Leave request by clicking on the down arrow

Highlighted expand arrow for leave form information

The expanded Personal Leave request will allow you to upload a file by clicking on the upload button.

Expanded personal leave form information

Title the file and browse and select the file you wish to upload.

Attach a file to leave form upload box

The attached file will display and can be viewed in the expanded leave request

Uploaded file on leave information

Leave Request Status

Submitted Leave requests can be reviewed on the Employee Console

Navigate to Menu > Home > Employee Console > Leave Requests

Leave request status list

Click the down arrow to display more information on the leave

Information on applied leave

Leave Request Log

Every event and comment is recorded in the log.

The logs shows who made a change to the Leave Request and when it was changed.

The log also shows any comments left by management.

Example of log comments on a leave request

Removing a Leave Request

A request can be removed under certain circumstances by clicking the Remove Leave Request button

If the request is pending, it can be removed and the request status will be instantly marked as removed.

If the request has been accepted, it can be removed, however, this must be reviewed by Management first, its status will be changed to pending removal.

Highlighted Remove Leave Request button on a leave request review