Deduction and Expense Rules

Deduction and expense rules are used to create rule automating deductions on the employees payslip.


Menu > Settings > Payroll Rules > Deduction Rules

Why create deduction rules?

Deduction rules can be used for:

  • Employee salary sacrifice
  • Employee after tax super
  • Gym membership
  • Giving to charity
  • Repaying a loan
  • etc

This is automatically done when payroll is processed

Creating a Deduction / Expense rule

Deduction or Expense?

Expenses come out before tax is calculated, eg Salary sacrifice.

Deductions come out after tax is calculated, eg Gym membership.

If you are not sure of the classification, ask you bookkeeper or accountant

Below is an example of how you could fill this form.

Salary Sacrifice example

Alice has a Salary Sacrifice of $50 per week.
This is paid into her super fund automatically.
The payment should go through a clearing house as a Salary Sacrifice

Deduction and expense rules

Use the i for more information on a field.

 Please note, any changes to shift / Rate rules must be confirmed by the delegated Payroll Officer.